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Fumi Nebbia
I love this map !!! Amazing music, amazing storyboard, amazing video !!
shoot a meteor star~
lols goodluck meii~~ <3
Oh cool the full version.
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thanks !!

LunarSakuya wrote:

Long 2 months XD


  1. 00:30:064 (2,3,4) - How about stack note 4 with the next note? or reverse the rhythm sequence here? The unstacking with note 5 looks kinda awkward, and obviously these rhythms are easily readable, so stacking them wouldn't be a problem, possible way to reverse the rhythm if you don't want to stack is here : just a general idea, don't have to follow exactly.
  2. 00:56:464 (4) - Can you reduce the volume of specifically this slider's start? its awfully quieter than the surrounding notes and It'll make the hitsound volume be correct if you do add hitsounds here, and in my opinion it sounds loads better.
  3. 01:03:936 (3) - I think a finish can go in either the reverse arrow or the end of this slider, If you decide to add more hitsounds this is a really nice to play it, since those beats are louder than the others.
  4. 01:11:740 (1) - More possible places for hitsounds if you play to add them, are also in this slider.
  5. 01:05:098 (1) - This slider, should be symmetry, so the whole pattern can be symmetrical, this kind of slider makes the symmetry in these notes : 01:06:593 (2,3,4) - unbalanced, consider making them symmetrical.
  6. 01:17:385 (1) - Can you end this slider 1 white tick before, so the pauses match with either like the one in here : 01:11:740 (1) - looks like that if you want to know
  7. 01:31:499 (3) - Add finish to the slider end here? so it matches with the finish here : 01:36:978 (1) - ?
  8. 02:11:680 (1) - This slider can be better.
  9. 02:35:590 (1) - Add finish here to match with 02:40:903 (1) - ?
  10. 02:52:858 (2) - Not sure about this one, but can you possibly add a finish to the start? I'd prefer you add it because it sounds nice and it fits with the SB when it changes images
  11. 02:58:171 (2) - ^
  12. 03:03:484 (1) - This one for sure could use a finish at the start, due to rhythm change and the sb image change. Should really add it here.
  13. 03:09:794 (4) - I see you try to add a finish sound to this specific sound, how about add finish here too because it has the sound here too?
  14. 03:12:451 (4) - ^
  15. 03:23:077 - a possible note can be added here, but I don't know if you prefer not to have a note right after the break here
  16. 03:32:707 (1) - Why are you reversing the polarity here? what I mean is that the direction of this note changed, shouldn't the direction be reversed? where the slider start is where the slider end's and vice versa, here what I mean , luckily you made it so there not alot of note changes.
  17. 03:45:990 (5) - Shouldn't there be a new combo here? in each combo you only allow a maximum of two strong beats.
  18. 03:49:975 (2) - Whistle to the start?
  19. 03:51:304 (1) - ^
  20. 03:51:968 (2) - ^ to end
  21. 03:55:289 (3) - ^ to start
  22. 03:56:617 (1) - ^
  23. 03:57:945 (3) - ^
  24. 04:00:602 (3) - ^
  25. 04:01:930 (1) - ^
  26. 04:03:259 (3) - ^
  27. 04:08:572 (1) - Find these reverses little confusing? how about try something else. or remove 1 reverse
  28. 04:35:138 (3) - Remove a reverse and add a note to the red tick? this one is purely suggestion
  29. 04:46:595 (2) - Stack with 04:44:436 (3) - ?
  30. 04:51:742 (2) - Curve this slider, to make the whole pattern design cleaner.

  1. 00:48:992 (7) - Ew, can you not put this note here, I know it follows but ugh, I personally don't like this (sorry bad experiences with this) cause its so close to slider path.
  2. 00:55:800 (3) - Rearrange, to fix stacking.
  3. 01:01:279 (3) - Stacking can be fixed here too :x (and I guess this is not intentional because your almost so close to stacking the end and were planning to make it perfect)
  4. 01:37:974 (5) - ^ I think another unseen stacking error.
  5. 01:04:434 (4) - Finish should be added somewhere to this slider, it feels missing (well mostly because it misses some beats that are significantly stronger than the surrounding notes)
  6. 01:18:547 (1) - Ahh spacing should be increased here, and I came up with a good enough pattern, for this if you want to look. nothing really special ehhh
  7. 01:23:529 (4) - How about leave a pause here, you seem to put a pause around 01:18:215 (2) - so why not?
  8. 01:26:517 (1) - Finish? there a drastic change in the mood of the song.
  9. 01:54:412 (4) - Weird, I hear a whistle so similar to the default whistle LOL so I clicked on it, but wasn't there how about add whistle here?
  10. 01:59:725 (5) - ^ make sure you add it here too if you add above.
  11. 02:07:363 (3) - Change sampleset to soft and add whistle (to fit that sound here)
  12. 02:09:522 (2) - ^ to the start
  13. 02:11:680 (1) - more stacking errors
  14. 02:42:231 (4) - Feels really awkward to play this, probably because this is so luring, how about remove reverse and add a note?
  15. 03:05:477 (2) - Finish slider end, prob missed it.
  16. 03:07:469 (1) - more stacking issues.
  17. 04:10:232 (1,2) - Finish both notes.
  18. 04:59:048 (1,2,3) - Three circles puts way too much emphasis on the unnecessary things here, can you break this rhythm so there only clicking on the needed beats?

  1. 00:27:241 (2) - Boring sliders, how about curve this one and this one 00:27:573 (3) - because they stand out from the strong vocal yells sliders you put 00:27:905 (4,5,6) - Here is an example : oh and what cha know its consistent with 00:32:555 (2) - later :P
  2. 01:12:404 (7) - How about make a jump tot this note? really it feels more natural, but don't move this slider, its better to move previous note like this :
  3. 01:23:031 (3) - ^ just slightly increase spacing.
  4. 02:11:099 (7) - Ahh I really believe there should be a New combo here, this stream kinda signals the start of a rhythm change here.
  5. 03:05:809 (4) - Shouldn't this have a increased spacing? its one of those strong trumpet sounds and you put them slighter farther than other notes like this : 03:07:137 (6) -
  6. 03:14:775 (7) - Kinda breaks flow, well polarity for the most part. how about you make this face the same direction as the two previous sliders? (Simply just ctrl+g) this
  7. 03:34:036 (5) - I think a obvious new combo error.
  8. 03:44:662 (5) - ^

Colossal so awesome <3
Awesome map, need ranked :O !
Dunno if i said this in this thread before but

this map poorly needs a taiko diff because insane diffs on taiko are nothing but red note spam

You can ask climbb & kana to map collab diffs maybe
Topic Starter
ya that's doable ~ I just wasn't used to having taikos in my maps so i never thought about it xD I will go ask around then, I was planning to just rank after a few more mods
Since the song is very popular, i think you will be able to find some quality mappers for this song ><
this song is sooo long. i cant believe you even manage to complete 1 map.

UnderminE wrote:

i think you will be able to find some quality mappers for this song ><
this stranger is right though, this song is really popular. too bad im not a quality mapper T^T. i would help if i was, but i suck at mapping. i'll try and com back and mod this if i have freetime though. if i forget feel free to poke me via osu or the website.
Incoming unhelpful mod orz


Flow is more fluent and fun at ar8 and fits more for DT mod

I enjoy your map flow as in I can't really detect any other problems.
Sorry >< It feels perfect as is.

Hoping this gets ranked soon, Fight~!
What a beautiful beatmap! Hope this ranked :)
Shoot a star 8-)
as your request only Colossal diff(:
Sorry for the poor mod (Haven't modding since 2 months ago orz~_~)
Hi meiikyuu-san and LunarSakuya-san ~

  1. 00:21:928 (3)- : not a big deal, but last slider point to x272 y228?
  2. 00:26:245 (7)- : move this to x192 y132? (gap between 6 and symmetric with circle 4
  3. 01:05:098 (1)- : how about move last slider point to x324 y256 to make a good flower shape?
  4. 01:12:404 (7)- : personally I would ctrl+g this one. because slider 3 and 5 are moving from left to right, so imo it'll be boring if the 3rd slider move from left to right too.
  5. 01:15:725 (9)- : perhaps move this to x424 y312 to make a better jump with previous also next note?
  6. 01:23:778 (7)- : not a big deal, but how about move this 1grid to right to make a better curve?
  7. 02:57:507 (3)- : move this to x364 y152 to make a better symmetry with slider 9's head?
  8. 03:34:036 (5)- : NC here? it'll support the music (music is change here imo)

solid mapset as always(:
in case you're having some free time here's my map
Good luck! :D
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thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i will look at your map soon

edit: updated
Talked over quite a bit of the difficulty settings over the entire mapset, but didn't really end up changing much, if anything at all.
(@ the next BAT -- if the map filesize is an issue, please let me know personally. but as for myself, i'm willing to let it go due to how nice the storyboard is + the length of the song itself.)

Let's give this a bubble!

On that day mankind received a grim reminder: meiikyuu the god mapper has returned
\o/ \o/ \o/
I'm pretty sure someone is modding right now huehue
no kd O_O>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Let me give some nazi suggestion before it goes!

02:11:348 (4) - move left 2 grids
02:43:643 (1) - why spinner starts here o_O? (should be better on white or red line)
04:08:572 (1) - around here, maybe try something here, 2 repeats might be a bit hard for beginners I assume
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thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
We made some edit to normal for a weird rhythm and did some hitsound revamping.

Shingeki no sad life
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