How to move a beatmap from one set to another

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I just wanted to know how you could move a beatmap from a set to a new one. Not all of the diffs just a single diff into a new set if thst makes sense.
If the map is the exact same map just in a different set you can go to the diff

> Right click the difficulty > edit > Top left corner File > Open .osu in notepad > (If you want all the timing points and the hit objects then copy from the Timing Points to the end of the HitObjects).If you want just the Hit Objects then just select all the hit object numbers and copy.

> Go to the new mapset > edit the difficulty > file > open .osu in notepad > paste the contents (either over the existing contents or just the pieces you are wanting to change).

Hopefully this is what you were asking for. If the map is ranked/pending and is not made by you then make sure to not hit "update beatmap" as it will update to the websites version of the map (whatever that might be)
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