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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
I were having thoughts if osu! ever made a HarmoKnight styled mode, after Touhosu! gets finally added.

If y'all played HarmoKnight, I'm gonna tell you what are my thoughts are gonna be.

Hit circles: Well be the notes, and it could fit for between 1/4 and 1/8 tick.

Sliders: If you jump on the bigger drums, and the dots will be the notes as you collection.

Reverse Slider: After you jump on the first drum, you get to jump on another drum.

So that were my thoughts were.

If y'all have any thoughts about this mode, just post it here or discuss. If it's not a possible things for that, well that's okay.
no thanks
And here I thought clicking circles was as stupid as it could get.

Jokes asided, go and play this or bit trip runner instead.
Interesting game, but not here please.

Also, BIT.TRIP RUNNER is not a music rhythm game. :(
Here's my other thoughts.

Clap or whites hitsound in circle will become a enemy.

Soft finish hit sound will be a triangle thingy and normal finish hitsound will be a cymbal thing, both when you jump up to hit it.

For the spinner, this gonna be a lot of boxes to hit to earn all the bonus points you get.
I really like that graphic style

But yeah doesn't exactly fit in with osu right now, maybe after another 3-4 game modes are added I could see more stuff like happening. Will leave it for others to discuss though.
What everyone else said. It's a really cool game and is a lot of fun, but for some reason, it would not really fit in osu!'s framework right now. Most of the gamemodes we have right now fit a certain feeling, and adding this would throw all that out of shape D:
might as well deny this for now. these sorts of game modes can be revisited in a few years time if we have more variety in game modes.
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