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Hello there, I'm not sure in which forum to post this, so if this is the wrong place, I apologize

Anyway, I have decided to host a little mapping contest, in which the theme is to use 100 objects only

If you need an example of what is acceptable, I have made one such map myself beatmapsets/1589064#osu/3245722

To submit your beatmap, send me a .osz file your beatmap, whether it be with google drive or with other methods (though using google drive would be prefferable)

Also if you wish to be a judge instead, you can message me here or on discord (yooo#6517), currently looking for more judges


1. You can choose any song you like (My recommendation is around 30-60 seconds long)

2. IMPORTANT: The map must have EXACTLY 100 objects (Counting sliders, circles, spinners). If this requirement is not met, your map will be instantly disqualified!

3. Your beatmap's difficulty name must follow this format: 100 Objects Challenge - (your username)

4. It must not be uploaded by using the beatmap submission system, otherwise it will be disqualified


Song representation (out of 10): How well your map represents the song, inculding your rhytmn choices etc.

Structure (out of 10): How well are your object placements and how well it flows

Creativity (out of 5): How well is your overall execution of the map under the 100 object restriction

Judge impression (out of 5): The judge's general impression of the whole map

BONUS: Understanding your map (out of 2): Record a pass of your map and get 1 point, FC your map and get 2 points

(Judging criteria subject to change)


1st place: 4 months of supporter
2nd place: 2 months of supporter
3rd place: 1 month of supporter

If interest is high enough, additional prizes may be added


Submission: 04/10 - 24/10
Judging: 25/10 - 31/10
Result Announcement and distribution of prizes: 1/11
I'm in
y know some people can just set their map to hp0 and get free point right?

sounds really cool tho
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dPeace wrote:

y know some people can just set their map to hp0 and get free point right?

sounds really cool tho
Well since everyone can do that, it's not that big of a deal

Also imo if they have to resort to hp 0 to even pass their map, I don't think they understand their own map that much (unless its like a high star tech map or something)
understanding a map from a mapping POV is not the same as being able to process and play it in real time
i'm in
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Looking for 2 judges

Requirements: At least 1 ranked map and has not submitted a map to the contest

Reward: 1 month of supporter for each judge, paid out after judging is done
I really wish I could judge, but I guess I'll send a map in instead.
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