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Benlothar wrote:

Kor wrote:

TF2 anyone?
Though i've spent 900 hours on it until i got burned out.
personally i suffer from a depressing disease called "having a shitty ass computer". Sooooo i cant even play tf2 :P
My laptop was crap as well, actually and i can't deny that the performance was horrid.
TF2 updates just makes the game performance worse with their cosmetics and the recently added weapon skins.
The guy who made surprise buttsecks made a game...
anyone here played xenoblade chronicle x?
is it wiiU only or we can play it on pc? i want to play it but don't have wiiU :(
Not exactly free game but free codes for Xbox 360
:the game: game and its sequels are some of my all-time favorite games. It's browser-based, no download and free.
The first few games: the objective is simple. You're placed on a grass platform in the middle of the air. Objective? Fall off. Just walk off and die. There are many more things that come up later, and each level is concluded with an ironic and funny pun. Also, a bit bloody, but it's all very fake. However, the final game (Reimagining :the game: game) is so much more revamped and difficult, I'm still trying. No more is the grass platform. There are much more difficult levels, so beware! I highly recommend it, it's so punny and yet a very satisfying game experience.
Warframe is good, completely free to play. The only downside is that it's very targeted to a specific audience. It's basicly a game where the goal is to get everything there is to get in the game. It's basicly all farming. Though they are working on a story. Paid currency can be acquired through trading at relative ease. If you like grindy games defenitely give it a go (:
Best free game on Steam is TF 2
[ Pingu ]
Smite is pretty nice. You can get it on steam or from Hi-Rez's website. c:
Anyone here said brawlhala?

If not then its like smash but with in my opinion better
Zain Sugieres
Loadout, Survarium and War Thunder.
Twilight Randomizer
Some 3/4th-dead (a.k.a pretty much abandoned by devs, with barely any community) games I can recommend that could be played in a group are Archeblade and GunZ 2: The Second Duel. They're both on Steam, appearance-wise you can pretty much get most customization items with the in-game currency.
Hot Dog Bush
have been playin' lately everytime i got bored. addicting simple free games.
i would reccomend Sven Coop, multiplayer half life 1 and it's free
Lunatic Rave 2, K-ShootMania, Lucent Heart (VN)
Otaku One
Brawlhalla is pretty good, you can get it in Steam. It's kinda like Super Smash Bros. but 2d and different characters.

If you like VNs, Sepia Tears is a visual novel that plays with your tears. Not an eroge, but a vn like a storybook romance. Has some comedy. It's free in Steam.
the warzone game, its a good game
Wakfu's a pretty good one. An MMORPG with Turn-based strategy. Art design's 'interesting' in the sprite sense. It's either Wakfu or Dofus
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