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Kakteenanalyse wrote:

I am suprised DirtyBomb wasn't mentioned yet. It's a fantastic class-based Free-to-Play FPS which can be best described as a middleman between Quake and Counter-Strike in it's playstyle. It's also not Pay-to-Win, so everybody (even free players) have a fair chance against the people who buy stuff.

If you are into FPS Games it does not hurt to give it a try, as it's free-to-play anyway.
This. DB is a good game. Except... it's too easy. It might just be my experience in Counter Strike, but objectives and frags are incredibly easy. Almost CoD easy.

Also: RIP Tribes: Ascend.

Fuck you, Hi-Rez, for abandoning such a phenomenal game to make a shitty third person MOBA that snowballs faster than a highway traffic accident.
Arief Santosa
Harvestmoon Back to Nature
Hong Kong 97 for SNES on a ROM emulator
when you're bored:

sakura clicker
OpenTTD anyone?
I use Japan Set mods

Raiken- wrote:

when you're bored:

sakura clicker
The best 8-)
Other than that games like DotA2, league of legends, etc
What about the one where you hit the circles with your cursor
A Medic
Hawken is a pretty fun to play mech. game that's free on steam.

matrial arts
free on steam
Plasma Pong was a great game until Atari fucked it up. The only version of it you can find on the web is this, though I still have the original game shall the mods approve to post it.

A still existing game you should check out is Battle For Wesnoth if you like strategy games.
Sonic Robo Blast 2 if you like Doom style platformers
Quadrax if you are a true hardcore puzzle fanatic
Super Mario War is also fun

To see a plothera of other older games I grew up with (pre 2010 and before the term "indie games" was common), I direct you to
Dungeon Defenders II.
Probably one of my favorite flash games (might be heavily based on nostalgia). There are three games so far. Personally the second is my favorite.
An amazing flash RPG-series. However it was never finished. Only three chapters exist but they are all wonderfull
Two fantasy adventure games about a knight and his quest to save the princess and the kingdom. Rise of a knight isnt that good but its a nessesary prequel to rise of a king.

kentanghalal wrote:

OpenTTD anyone?
I use Japan Set mods
Its a very good game! thx
I eat ass 47
Only game I have logged more hours in than osu!
Unturned on steam is also nice.
TF2 anyone?
Though i've spent 900 hours on it until i got burned out.

Kor wrote:

TF2 anyone?
Though i've spent 900 hours on it until i got burned out.
personally i suffer from a depressing disease called "having a shitty ass computer". Sooooo i cant even play tf2 :P
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