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I think there are plenty of problems with SAO, even in its first season. The second season gets the most ire since it's the most blatantly pandery thing ever, but even the first season is extremely poorly-written and ill-conceived wish fulfillment trash. This is speaking as someone who did enjoy parts of the first season, but it made me irritated upon a rewatch.

  1. The vast majority of the season is filler. Consider the fact that only two characters of note (Kirito and Asuna) get major focus, especially with Kirito. They introduce other, more intriguing characters, sure; the problem is, however, that they don't get the spotlight! Their episodes are pretty much filler in the overall context of the story, serving to bring the next point home...
  2. ...the viewer is supposed to be envious of Kirito. At no point does this show stop being an escapist fantasy, changing games without really dealing with the circumstances around Kirito. He doesn't have weaknesses that don't get solved by Deus-Ex-Machina bullshit, he doesn't seem to have too much of an actual personality behind him, and he has all of these girls after him while still having DA PERFECT WAIFU~. Which brings me to my next point...
  3. Asuna. What wasted potential for a character. She's introduced as a character who is headstrong and willing to fight. I was willing to buy her falling for Kirito. I was willing to buy her wanting to get away from the front lines for a little while due to not wanting to die. However, the almost immediate 180 from her previous self to her mewling, perfect-wife-in-eyes-of-Japanese-gender-roles, damsel-in-distress-type character is jarring and horrible.
  4. The stakes actually get out of focus for a little while. Specifically, times like Pina's death and the Dragon encounter with Lizbeth represent general game logic and a lack of appreciation for one's own life. It's one of those things that should never leave focus, but the very real stakes in the game are never on display. Also, you never see, say, the families of players (IRL) grieving, never seeing the full results. Sure, the story takes place inside the game, but in an adaptation, you're allowed to take liberties to show the viewer why they should care. SAO never does that.
  5. Gaping plot holes. Hi, Kirito's ability from episode 4 dealing with status ailments. Why aren't you brought up when Kirito is paralyzed in a later episode? Because the source author forgot about it in the original LN? Oh, that's only completely unacceptable.

SAO and Attack on Titan are the two things that are popular to hate on now, but unlike Attack on Titan, there are really not many laurels SAO can stand on. It's a pretty fucking terrible show.

AmaiHachimitsu wrote:

Elfen Lied is and will forever remain the most overrated/overhyped anime. It's "worth" 2/10 yet people rate it 7/10 or higher. (these are marks taken from a Polish site < some reviewers gave a 9/10...>)
I despise Elfen Lied, and do think it's quite overrated, but I can give credit where credit is due: the OST and sound design are perfect.
of course
The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya
-Angel beat
- Attak on titan
Lucky Star

and, of course

Neon Genesis evangelion, dunno why it gets so much hyped, this one is the worst anime ever.
SAO and AOT is getting hyped too but both animes are awesome.
One Piece
Fairy Tail

Wehzy wrote:

Neon Genesis evangelion, dunno why it gets so much hyped, this one is the worst anime ever.
lol, "the worst anime ever"

give me a break, it completely broke free of the mecha genre and has deep character development, masterful directing and editing, and an extremely well written storyline. Despite this I know it's not flawless, but how anybody could brand this as the worst anime of all time is beyond me

... but then again you gave Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! an 8 and Mashiroiro Symphony a 10, and FUCKING MAYOI NEKO OVERRUN A 9 WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK
Every person has different likings that's all.
ofc I realize that; wehzy was stating his opinion while I responded with mine.
SAO, hands down.
Terribad show is terribad.
Naruto/Bleach/One Piece, I regret watching them all.
I feel like Neptunia was overhyped as that was the only show I dropped from the Summer season.

Beer wrote:

Naruto/Bleach/One Piece, I regret watching them all.

But my reason is because of the Episodes. It's just, too much. But If there's a miracle like I got all of those episodes. I'll watch it with a smile.
my opinion is SAO and puella madoka magika
SAO is my first thought.
I also have to wonder why Angel Beats! gets all this love. ^^
Naruto and Bleach is shit compared to One Piece, it has real drama, deep emotions and you might cry during some episodes. It is unlike the tedious Naruto, bullshiting Bleach, the only anime comparavle to One Piece is probably Gintama. Although I suggest you stop watching of the episodes after 2010, as the quality deteriorates.
Most overhyped shit i've seen must be hsotd...
Most underated would be rurouni kenshin...
On f/z,

Firstly my comment is with respect to people had already read the F/SN VN (And I suppose Tsukihime -- which I preferred ftr.)

i.e. They had a good idea of what to expect in terms of say the "end-game" plot along with the setting.

edit:Actually my biggest issue that is mainly "tells" not "shows".

Well I had a longer post but decided I cbf, basically it comes down to
Characters talking about motivations I already got to hear read about in f/sn (Kirei, Saber, Gilgamesh),
Characters with all the subtly of a sledgehammer ( Kiritsugu, Caster, Ryuunosuke, beserker).
Characters that were under utilized that could have been interesting (kariya, Irisviel).
Waver, Rider and to a lesser extent Kayneth and Sola-Ui can be interesting at times but that doesn't really save it.
Lancer really doesn't do much of interest besides fight.
I think thats it

What limited fights they do have lack impact due to repeated punch pulling -- some times justified and certainly typical of fate. Tactics in amine are legit terrible -- clausewitz (although flawed) should be required reading -- so being less bad than really terrible adds nothing for me.

This is not to say that f/z is bad anime but more that I don't find it anything to write home about.
SAO, Naruto, Bleach
Dragon Ball was fun to watch when you were 8 but when you get those db fanboys that have never seen any other anime that just ticks you off.
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