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Can't wait to see the outcome of your beatmap :D

Thanks, Japanese homework hurts the brain. Good luck with your homework!
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Made all the fixes I wanted to much sooner than I thought. I'll just upload the osu file. It's only marginally easier thanks to better combo placement, but it's still the same beatmap more or less. Thanks for the help peoples!

Download: Amerie - One Thing (Chan) [Normal].osu
WOW - just played this for the first time, and it's insanely FUN :D

The new version still has a few slider snap misalignments, but other than that, it's very well made! Just make sure you stretch that clicking finger before you attempt this, or you risk some R to the S to the I :mrgreen:

Awesome stuff!
I've quickly fixed up the rest of the slider snaps. Everything should line up now.

Edit: No I haven't! There seems to be some kind of bug associated with the slider snap - the slider moves itself out of alignment to snap to the note or something. Other testers have had similar problems. Hang on while we try sort this out :)

Edit: OK here is the .osu again - things seem to be fixed now :D

Download: Amerie - One Thing (Chan) [Normal].osu
Ack, how do I stop the updating... hope that doesn't break the current one...
Peppy is having a much needed break :D
I can't extract
it, it says that the folder is invalid
Thanks for the heads-up krisko6. I am uploading this file again - it seems to have got damaged.

Edit: AWESOME work chan. i love it. as eyup said - way too much fun to play!
Oops, my bad on the damaged file thing, must of happened while I was updating the .osz.
Should have let it finish instead of stopping it.
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Cheers for the help and feedback peoples! This song just had to be mapped~ Cranked it out in like 3-4 hours! Will be out of action for a while due to uni though.
great job man!
the only complaint i have is the difficulty is WAY too high, missing a single spinner kills you
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Spinner or slider? Think there are only 2 spinners in there, and I find them a relief from all the intense clicking action. Well, you could always lower the difficulty in the editor! Thanks for the feedback-
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