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Very nicely designed beatmap!! Pretty damn hardcore difficulty, can finish it with some practice but it's definitely not for the faint hearted ;)
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Yeah, I was trying to make a "harder" beatmap this time after people commented on my first beatmap as being easy. I can pass this (with a lot of misses), and I attribute this to having created the beatmap. I would think this beatmap would be quite hard on first play, but will get easier with familiarity with the song/beatmap.

That being said, I still fail at all the other beatmaps I have. I can only pass this and my other beatmap, Pop Star ^^'

Thanks for the feedback Lumino. I haven't checked if Peppy's edited this beatmap, so just to check, do you notice that some of the beats are unaligned in the last few choruses? I wanted to fix this but didn't know how to. Maybe this belongs in the "beatmap help" thread -_-'
Hey chan - are you talking about the end bit? In edit mode its fine, but in game its misaligned.

Other than that - very fast and nice beatmap.
There was one combo in particular that was quite confusing because of the overlap of the mini repeated slider and rapid fire combo, but overall it was fun!
Just giving it a good look over now, just 1 thing I think needs adjusting, and that's beats that start at the slider end points.
With the normal beats and sliders which start at the end of a slider, to make the beat snap to the end of the slider you have to create a new normal beat or slider, point the cursor to the end of the slider and you'll see it snap to it, just click to place or make your slider, then adjust it's timing position on the timeline. This snapping function doesn't work with beats that have already been placed, I think peppy is planning to implement thing.
Hope this didn't confuse you.
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Yeah, I noticed that it was fine in the editor but not in gameplay. Maybe it's coz I hastily moved the slider for "a bit of variety". Not quite sure how to fix this, might try moving around the other beats but not the slider.

Yeah, in hindsight, I think a lot of the combos are quite confusing. Might get to clear up some combos over the weekend if time permits. Thanks for your feedback tsububu, glad you had fun!

And I *think* I get what you say, Lumino. ...I think.
Ahaha, I'm not that good at explain things unfortunately.
I'd adjust the beatmap for you so that all the beats snap to the end of sliders correctly, but I sooo gotta finish my homework!
Possibly later though if you haven't already done so, or someone else hasn't.
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Yeah, I'm already in the process of fixing it up (so I guess I understood what you meant). It'd be handy if you could display the song time during gameplay, as it'd help in touching up beatmaps. Maybe I'll suggest that in the feature requests. I've also started fixing up combos, changing and moving around a few beats. Some of the combos are a bit obscured and make it more difficult than necessary, so that's getting cleared up (literally!).
Good luck with your homework! I've got my fair share to do, so probably won't get around to updating this beatmap too soon.
Can't wait to see the outcome of your beatmap :D

Thanks, Japanese homework hurts the brain. Good luck with your homework!
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Made all the fixes I wanted to much sooner than I thought. I'll just upload the osu file. It's only marginally easier thanks to better combo placement, but it's still the same beatmap more or less. Thanks for the help peoples!

Download: Amerie - One Thing (Chan) [Normal].osu
WOW - just played this for the first time, and it's insanely FUN :D

The new version still has a few slider snap misalignments, but other than that, it's very well made! Just make sure you stretch that clicking finger before you attempt this, or you risk some R to the S to the I :mrgreen:

Awesome stuff!
I've quickly fixed up the rest of the slider snaps. Everything should line up now.

Edit: No I haven't! There seems to be some kind of bug associated with the slider snap - the slider moves itself out of alignment to snap to the note or something. Other testers have had similar problems. Hang on while we try sort this out :)

Edit: OK here is the .osu again - things seem to be fixed now :D

Download: Amerie - One Thing (Chan) [Normal].osu
Ack, how do I stop the updating... hope that doesn't break the current one...
Peppy is having a much needed break :D
I can't extract
it, it says that the folder is invalid
Thanks for the heads-up krisko6. I am uploading this file again - it seems to have got damaged.

Edit: AWESOME work chan. i love it. as eyup said - way too much fun to play!
Oops, my bad on the damaged file thing, must of happened while I was updating the .osz.
Should have let it finish instead of stopping it.
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Cheers for the help and feedback peoples! This song just had to be mapped~ Cranked it out in like 3-4 hours! Will be out of action for a while due to uni though.
great job man!
the only complaint i have is the difficulty is WAY too high, missing a single spinner kills you
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Spinner or slider? Think there are only 2 spinners in there, and I find them a relief from all the intense clicking action. Well, you could always lower the difficulty in the editor! Thanks for the feedback-
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