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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, October 18, 2021 at 7:10:27 AM

Artist: osu! virgin gang
Title: Quintuplets On My Line (feat. Kariyu)
Source: 五等分の花嫁∬
Tags: Gotoubun no Hanayome season 2 two the quintessential 五等分の花嫁 中野家の五つ子 Nakanoke Itsutsugo anime opening 五等分のカタチ Katachi english japanese girls thighs hip hop rap pop jump map meme ovg! Kinori kinori3 Pinecone thepinecone461 Kariyu Mayu Sakuma Xexyz
BPM: 90
Filesize: 4024kb
Play Time: 01:31
Difficulties Available:
  1. Hard (3.43 stars, 263 notes)
  2. Insane (4.3 stars, 288 notes)
  3. Nino Gang (5.34 stars, 351 notes)
  4. Normal (2.16 stars, 186 notes)

Download: osu! virgin gang - Quintuplets On My Line (feat. Kariyu)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

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KotobukiTsumugi for deleting summer lovers
Aireu for wysi
ReeseWasHere for the 727pp HR thumbnail
Circle People for the 727pp HDHR thumbnail
xi for creating the song Blue Zenith
tom94 for creating ppv2
peppy for creating a desktop clone of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan
named osu! and the osu!editor
The people in Maghrebs from North Africa for the Arabic numerals
DJ Kool Herc for being the father of Hip Hop
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