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Restless Spirit
This game is simple:
A user (me, for example) posts a song and the user below will rate it, posting a new song.

- You are required to listen to a song in its entirety without skipping anything, this shall prevent people from listening only to the first two seconds and give it a bad rating (only exception is, of course, when you know the song well)
- The rating is to be given via a scale from either 1 to 5, 1 to 10 or 1 to 100
- You may rate more than one song, but bear in mind that you are allowed to post only one

That said, let the rating begin!
I'll start off with this one:

EDIT: I edited out the rule that asked for not posting embedded videos since nobody (including me) gives a SHIT about that one. The others, however, went so self-explanatory everyone obeys them almost by NATURE.
Sorry Powersocke, I don't have to listen through the whole of that song. It's been etched in my brain. I already fell in love with it years ago when I was introduced to Umineko. Anything from 07th Expansion/zts gets no less than a 9/10 from me. Worldend Dominator gets a 9 because it's one of the more popular and often listened-to. Would've been a 10 if it was either Resurrected Replayer, Lastendconductor or The Executioner.

Anyways here's mine:
It's been stuck in my head for more than a month now. Can't live a day without listening to it once. I guess it's the fact that the vocal base could very well be written off as pop or more befitting as orchestral somewhat, but instead gets blissfully raped with electronic and rock.
And that voice shiver at 2:24...makes me wet.
I hope this thread'll help me replace it with something else ;-;
meh, i've listen to that so many times now, it became a bit boring
but i can't say it's bad

yeah here you go:
don't question my interests

i don't think i can ever classify that,but it's pretty...adicting

that's it>
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Restless Spirit
No. I don't like Macarena. I only like speedcore remixes of it. :p
3/10 (btw, y u no rate with scale?! :c)

Here's mine then:
One of the best, I think.
It was... something I wouldn't listen to regularly, but good for one or two listens. The melody was well done though, and instrument choices were fitting. Another plus for not being repetitive. And then comes the bigger minus part, the genre itself wasn't something I'd listen to, and the drums could have been way better, they were bland for the most part. That's it pretty much, to put it short.

7/10 Very atmospheric, and something I could definitely get into on occasion, but very repetitive. Not as bad as some of the stuff I've gotten from Ektoplazm, but repetitive nonetheless.
9/10 because Noisia.

Hell yeah TS puts Umineko songs <3

Anyway not much to say, putting Korean songs because I'm K-POPers, well, yeah, jazz! ;D
And it's worth to listen since it's quite catchy and calming.
9.5/10 Love these jazzy elevator/cafe-type songs and the singers' voices sound so good together ahhhh I'm at peace.
2deep4me, points for being instrumental and downtempo though. 6.4/10
10/10 Real breathtaking, lovely tune.
8/10 starts real nice then it starts to get lame its the kind of song you would play for a min and a half then hit next
+1internets/10 Well played, sir. I couldn't say why (especially since I only know a few words of Japanese), but this song resonated with me the first time I heard it. I know it isn't the original video, I went with this version because the audio quality is better.
I'm not into Rolling Girl although I like almost all of wowaka's work, even if it's a cover.

Yet the cover for me is pretty not good. 5/10

Talks about Japanese songs . . .
It was great until the drums kicked in. The singer wasn't too bad either, even though I'm not too fond of male voice. 6.8/10
10/10 lovely song. it would be nice to listen to this beside a river or in a windy meadow
8/10 resembles Leia a little bit, minus the screamo. that's annoying in vocaloid.
goes well with rainymood
6/10 there's that certain feeling i'm having while listening to it
7/10 nice video
@salted_nuts ye, 'cos they're produced by the same producer
6/10 got used to hearing luka's voice ... w9XC7r9kdw
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Restless Spirit
This piece gets a straight 10/10. Not only do I love Touhou music, I also love this one in particular. To be reperformed by an orchestra is even better. Well then, let's stay with t2h2 for the moment:
7/10 I liked the intro, but I wasn't crazy about the rest.
hmm i wouldn't consider it a chillout/relaxing song, in my taste. half of it felt like a buildup to.. well not much. but i still enjoyed it. so 7/10
lately, one of the few progressive rock pieces that can put me in a melancholic mood, one coming from Demetori, to add.
i'd give this song a 10. not only it's an awesome song but also a Demetori song =w= i love Demetori <3
oh hey. coincidentally i just came across this on a beatmap a few days back. the storyboard gave me chills, to be honest. it was spectacular, along with the song. so 9.5/10.

i'm in a loungey mood so;
8/10 Very nice, but smooth jazz usually isn't my preference for relaxing music.

I couldn't find this one on YouTube, but I found it on GrooveShark. Hell has frozen over, it seems.!/album/Varianc ... +2/6782891
6/10 not really my taste
@salted_nuts cool *-* and thanks for the hyperlink =w=
lol Touhou Music
Eat your heart out.
sry but.. no ._. she massacred it. 4/10
eww/10 It's nothing to do with the song, I've just played it far too many times by now.

Seph wrote:


OT: 7/10 Softer than my usual fare, but I liked it.

Might wanna lower the volume first

mathexpert9981 wrote:

in terms of musicality: 0/10, but that goes w/o saying I guess :P
*agitated mumble*
obviously some avant-garde stuff,
in terms of orignality: 8.5/10
in terms of musicality: 0/10, but that goes w/o saying I guess :P

have some classical~
7/10 almost fell asleep. good thing or bad thing, up to you to interpret.
9.9/10 nice pick =w=
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