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I had a good laugh from the lyric tbh lmao. Didn’t expect that from a song at all

Also im a sucker for metal songs like these that isn’t full metal but rather an intense part at the beginning and a calm part later on. The build up is just great. The guitar in the bg is kinda nice too. Overall a pretty good metal song


Gonna change it up a bit with some trance
6/10 i really need lyrics in my music to sit down and listen to them unless they seem to tell a story with the melody itself like Happy End of the World by XI, but I would enjoy a map of this.

Don’t know if it is just me or what but it sounds like the vocal was added on top of royalty free music in the beginning. The chorus tho, that is some good stuff. The bg music suits so well with the lyric, creating a magical feel for me. I don’t listen to a lot of vocal song because most of them sounds pretty stale and uninspiring but this would be one of the few vocal song I really like. Everything contrasts each other pretty well. I would add this to my playist tbh.


One of the few english vocal song I like
I like this. It brings off a dreamlike atmosphere that i enjoy. I can easily tell why this is one of your favorites. Only thing that bugs me the background music, some parts doesn't really go well for me, and i don't really know why, but everything is good.

overall, i'm giving this an 8.7/10

whoever added music on my sd card before i bought it, thanks for letting me discover this.
I swear I have heard this long before. Anyway, not my cup of tea, mostly because it sounds pretty generic overall. Feel like this would be sth guys in my school’s dorm would blast this in the shower room tbh lmao.


Great for a trailer.
The opening led me into a festival in my head.

I really like the melody, it's excellent. The vocals are good at times but during most of the song I don't really like them. I personally don't like Miku that much, especially in slow song, I do like many Miku song, but it's only because of the talent of the people using her, not because I like Miku's voice, which mean that if someone else with the same talent would make a cover of the same song with another vocaloid/utauloid I would probably prefer it. 8/10

My song is a Teto cover of "Although songs have no form". Even if I can't understand the lyrics, I can certainly feel the emotion in the voice of the UTAU. Also Teto is my favortie of all vocaloid and utauloid.

Cute and nostalgic melody. They bend with the mood you're currently on, if you're happy then you get hit by a trainwreck of happiness, If you're sad i think crying to this song would be inevitable.

I love cute and emotional songs that have a great buildup, the chorus is so fucking passionate, AHHH i love it. 'w'

I hate vocaloid vocals, so i listened to a hanatan cover and i absolutely loved it, definitely saving this into my playlist.



A pretty chill song. Nothing too special, but it is a pretty good song. The vocal fits well with the music. I didn’t pay attention to the lyric that much so I don’t know what the song is talking about but the atmosphere of this give me a sense of dreadful and (somehow) adventurous at the same time (?). Overall, pretty good


The previous song kinda remind me of celtic style, which kinda reminds me of this song

Sounds pretty fun. Yep, the song is quite celtic. It also feels time adventurous and upbeat too, like a montage of travelling through different places during a quest. I'm not sure if this is just me or not, but the violins/strings sound noticeably MIDI/sampled. Other than that, pretty fun!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Kubbi - Sleet

(EDIT: plan on trying to map this someday)
Sound a bit monotone tbh and the whole song sounds pretty tamed tbh. It’s a decent song, and it only stays at that. Nothing too special tbh


Gonna change my song recommendation to something quite hardcore
it kinda creep me out to be honest,i don't know why



Generic anime opening song i guess, nothing special about it imo. I love the punk riff.



easy 9/10

Everything before both radwimps and miura sing together is meh, kinda good but not special. But when they start to sing along, it is pretty good


Since everyone is recommending anisong, I might as well do it. This is probably my favorite op of all time
I really like this song. 8/10
My song is "The place we found love" from hibike euphonium!. I am using a video unrelated to the anime to nt spoil it.

7/10, not my thing but I can sure see the appeal

Tbh, it sounds like every japanese game op ever. Tho it is still pretty good and definitely something I would put into my playlist



Not my cup of tea, but still somewhat enjoyable.


Some pretty nice jazz. I like it


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