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6/10 not really into that emo shit, but it's well made.

My fav song by a korean artist.
8/10 really diggin the groove of this one, sounds like good driving music, very lowkey and nice


i think this track’s pretty interesting, the soundcloud description being “Space Pirate Tech-Rap” is probably the best way to describe it

Pretty interesting indeed. Great rhythm and flow with lyrics. The mood is great and industrial, atmosphere's pretty metallic.

Some bits kinda make it a little cheesy or weird, like the "captain's announcement". Not a fan of it, makes it sound comical despite the musical context of a metallic industrial atmosphere, something i'd expect to sound heavy.

An overall cool and quirky track, though.

- - -

I like to feel a certain way as I’m listening to music.
This was just a rollercoaster of confusion for me as the composition itself is a bit unique..hard to get into the feel of the rhythm.
However, there were some parts I enjoyed, specifically 1:10-1:21.

Tad Fibonacci
The video was unavailable for me.
But I suppose it is this song?

It's quite okay in my opinion.
In fact, it's quite fun to listen to. The vocals are pretty good too.
Not bad at all.



6/10. I'm really familiar with the musician who does persona's music. His stuff has a pretty defined style, and I think it's really good... Sans vocals. I consistently dislike the vocals he uses. His music is much better as instrumental tracks. I don't know why, but every time he adds a vocalist to it, it just. It just never fits. It bothers me. Like, it's the right style of vocalisim, but it never really feels cohesive with the rest of the music.


A peculiar song. As it goes on, it becomes quite charming.

Really love the imagery overlapping the band playing, where the hands move on each beat, quite creative.

The general mood is... interesting? Can't quite describe it very well. But the driving force of this, and the atmosphere itself, all works well along with these really interesting progressions, and... yeah. It's enjoyable.

A bit discordant of a chorus contrasting the singing, perhaps, but it feels more human this way.

Good stuff.

- - -


Tad Fibonacci wrote:

The video was unavailable for me.
But I suppose it is this song?

It was actually this one, Tad. All good 0:

OT: 8.75/10

The name suits the song. It makes me feel as if I'm the only person alive in this world. There's also an indescribable emotion that still lingers. Eccentric taste in music.


Love me a song that mixes soothing vocals w/ some sick electronics & instrumentals. Animation was superb as well.

- - - - -

I don't know, I want to say "Nothing wrong with it" and actually give it 100, but there's that tiny bit that doesn't want me to.

More French.
I'm missing this kind of instrumentals.


["Custom" translation by myself.]

The life I had, my friends could hear it
Wherever people waited for me, I didn't come
If I see both, if I bother
That means I'm disordered, yet blended
I'm too complicated, I will never choose
From the two sides, don't you ask me
Where I'm going, even apes ape the adept (lit.: "the wise people")
And those adept ones made boundaries to bind us all

Eh~ Ay-ay, Ayayay
(If I'm a bother, well nothing changes)x2
Eh~ Ay-ay, Ayayay
(If I'm a bother, well nothing changes)x2

Using boxes, we sort in there the people whom we won't understand ever
As the Man(/Human) is made of thousand of layers and each of them aren't big enough
I went through thousand of roads and shook even more hands (lit.: "ten thousands of hands")
We're enabled to like Brel and Megui*, and even our enemies (that's a long thing to explain)

I'm too complicated, I will never blend in
Your small groups, living in the present
Hence I'm still vacillating with those glasses
Hearing people wondering "when will the mask* break" (*as in "facade")

Eh~ Ay-ay, Ayayay
(If I'm a bother, well nothing changes)x2
Eh~ Ay-ay, Ayayay
(If I'm a bother, well nothing changes)x2

(In my life you appeared, oh liberty my dear
Life is about ambitions, more than people's opinions)x2

I can tolerate this, but it's not something I'd listen to in my spare time at all. Not a huge fan. 4/10

A song I've been listening to tons lately.

The instrumental is pretty good but I don't really like the vocals, not that they are bad, it's jsut not a way of singing that I enjoy.

EDIT: forgot to give a rating

My absolute favorite song of all time.
Tad Fibonacci

It was pretty nice and calm. The vocals is pretty soft and nice to listen to.
Although the melody is really familiar, like I heard it somewhere before. I think it sounds really similar to the dango song.



Sounds a bit more chilled-out and calming with those acoustics compared to the original. Pretty nice. Although I think I prefer the original just because of its' energy and other instruments. The electric guitar and drums are especially 👌 👌 👌

- - - -

I had posted this in the music channel on the OT discord as well:


initially, i thought this would've been really damn cool, those first few seconds really seemed to signal some interesting key changes or chord progressions in the future...

it sounded somewhat interesting and nice at first for those few seconds, but then once the tag came in, it ruined the mood instantly.

moving on from that, the actual verse was... eh. i feel indifferent to it. the melody's not bad, though.

after some time, it's not really all too bad. it's kinda about as good as i could really expect something like this to be.

generally not what i was hoping for though, felt a bit typical as well.

- - -

I like this, it's nice and soothing, and feels otherworldly. 9/10 as a tune to listen to when I'm stressed.

To match the theme of aliens.

I personally don't like death metal song where the singers screams every line from their throat. I value the vocals very much in my song so that has to be a 4/10 from me.

I don't listen to this song very often but it's the most memorable song from my childhood and I thought I'd share it.

EDIT: Also if someone would be so kind as to give me the link to the osu forums command page so I can figure out how to post video, I know I've been to this page before but I can't seem to find it again.
a pretty long buildup, but not bad.


the first few minutes with the vocals had been generally lackluster, primarily for how slow-paced it was.

but the folk-dance thing we've got going on from there on sounded actually quite nice and redeemed it a little.

- - -

ah! as for embedding youtube videos, it's done by the [youtube][/youtube] command around https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhUldwg9fsc, except the link is cut off for the video code itself, so it should be typed out like this:

I'm not aware of the command page, and I'm not familiar with the new site, as I presume you use the newer site instead. I exclusively use the old site, so it's a bit simpler, since the command's right there.

hopefully it helps, though.

- - -


Damn, this shit goes kinda hard. I believe you've recommended this onumi person's stuff before. Pretty neat, pretty neat. Gets me all pumped up.

- - - -

I've never even played a Tekken game before, but osu helped me find this one.

8/10, I really like this and it must be a blast to play on osu!, I am definitely gonna look for map of this song.

I am posting this since I really love Kaai Yuki and I am quite sad that she is not used more. Often people misuse her and it turns out awful but when done right, she is among my absolute favorite vocaloid

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