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Seyren Delicia
So im new with osu (lvl 23) and I only use the mouse to play, I just want know if its possible hit the streams like in the music
I've seen pro-tier mouse players stream, it's very possible, but also very difficult. You've joined fairly recently, so I can't give a definite answer as to how well you will be able to stream with your mouse clicks.

Keep trying!
streams are generally much harder on mouse only, but with practice you can pretty much do anything with mouse only. Though you probably shouldn't be getting ur hopes up with things like freedom dive. lol Only insane deathstreamy maps may pose a problem. Anything else you will be able to do with practice using mouse only.

I mean look at shizuru, he's pro-ing it up with mouse only.
Topic Starter
Seyren Delicia
Thanks for the help i will keep the mouse ;P
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