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That is true.
Because it's personal preference, changing it should decrease the multiplier. Because you can choose it to your own liking.
If you don't want score reduction, then peppy should make standard be like mania. Remove AR from the editor completely and make it that the player can choose it themselves.

AR below 7 will clutter the screen, that's why it should keep or increase the multiplier.
And AR above 10.3 is making the notes coming at a very high speed, that is why it should receive bonus (or atleast make the multiplier stay).
For some people ar below 7 is still readable, and for other ar above 10.3 is readable too, especially at high bpm where ar>10.3 actually helps, so those values shouldn't be what determines if the multiplier should change.
This feature is more for 'experimental' purposes
and therefore shouldn't need too much of a debate lol

Kynan wrote:

How the FUCK is OD8.7 a monstrata trademark ??? He puts OD>8 on his maps because unlike the other dumb PP mappers who use an OD way too low compared to the AR, he knows how this game works and how easy it is to acc on OD<9.x.
He doesn't have it anymore, but he used to have this 'Mapping Style' section on his userpage, and he claimed 8.7 as his trademark

Aside from that, ranking a map is harder than you think. To say the pp mappers are dumb is pure ignorance. I don't know if you've ever tried mapping, but if you have you'd understand why. OD is subjective too. Not every player is good at od above 8. I remember there was a time where od8 was hard to me, and most likely other players have had that experience.

Also back to the main topic, I'm still sticking with the fact mappers like a certain feel to their maps, hence why they'll choose such od. To change that up is disrespectful to the mapper.
as long that it's isn't ranked or that you can only decrease the CS/HP/AR/OD it's ok for me.

because a feature like that would kill mods system in a certain way (Easy maps AR10/OD10/CS7 ?)

+ I have a question, if it was a "Ranked" thing, how would you calculate the changes as PP?

Exemple :
CHiCO with HoneyWorks - Pride Kakumei [Darkness] : 
No-mod 98% = 199PP and is CS 4 / AR 9 / OD 8.7 / HP 7
HR 98% = 254PP and is CS 5.2 / AR 10 / OD 10 / HP 9.8

Simple Question: What would happen if the user chooses to play this map no-mod with CS 5.2 and AR 9.5?
Or if the user set CS 5.2 / AR 10 / OD 9 / HP 7 ? That's why it shouldn't be ranked.
Note : I know that's 2 years old, i had few things to say about this.
Idc if it's ranked or not; I just believe that if this is a feature, it would make practicing so much easier instead of having to change metadata / having to go change in editor.
Why this is not a thing yet? I don't want those mods to be ranked, I just want them to be able to set and train with them.
Welcome to oss where instead of allowing players to play with what they want they are forced to use what the mapper and mods who can't even play the map force you to use :D
i used to think this suggestion was absolutely garbage but now that i look at it i wouldn't mind it if it was unranked
And a year or two after it's implementation as unranked you wouldn't mind if it was ranked and applied logic PP increase/decrease, but hey we're gonna have to wait for over a year before seeing this implemented... I miss the Hexis days when people went ape shit because they implemented stuff that had been pending here for years and peppy didn't do shit before people started talking about it too much.
We need another one of these over-hyped unofficial games that show how easy it is to implement stuff like that so that peppy finally does something after censoring the name of the game :)
Yes Apparently This Is A Good Idea, And I Just Duplicated It :v Hope PPY Would Make It XD
Just in case some other genius who started playing this game a month ago wonders why after so many years it hasn't been implemented yet, here's why:

It's a pretty dumb idea.

Idk if it was already mentioned but if you want to play the map with the custom AR/CS/whatever just make an edit in the editor. Making it ranked is a really bad idea since lower number doesn't mean it's necessarily easier (and higher doesn't mean harder). It's up to a mapper what difficulty settings the map will have.

I still can't believe how many people backed this up smh
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