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fufe wrote:

one thing i can say without repeating myself too hard is that while -
"mapping quality isn't by any means equivalent to star priority. "
Star priority is the only means for some mappers to show that they might have some type of quality going.
Unfortunately, to some, Star Priority just means you got a lot of people to play your map, thats it, and doesn't contribute to the map at all.

LuigiHann wrote:

Maybe bring back the BAT ranking leaderboard, and have higher-priority maps be worth the most points.
Yes please. +1 Support.

tieff wrote:

Hey, people... Don't forget it's only a game.
Cute. However, I have to agree. Too much bitching over a game.

tieff wrote:

About foulcoon map... It was ranked without any mod post, but mod post it's not only tecnical mistakes, it's suggestions how improve your map

The reason Party Foul got ranked was because 2 BATs could not find a way to improve the map. I even played the map before it got ranked (just out of curiosity, without bubbling or anything) and thought it was fine.
well i got a question then

how do the non famous mappers with maps that happen to be absolutley fine, get their maps looked at by bats with no/very low priority? if im going to get an answer like this "no other mappers have ever had perfect maps" then please dont comment <_< i've been around pending forums a few times so i know what im talking about.

again i dont wish to discuss this on the forums cause it usually ends up offending someone or i get misunderstood, so please if anyone would like to comment talk to me in irc.

fufe wrote:

Things that would NEVER be acceptable going through normal modding.
no no no no. That is a whole new rant thread entirely. Maybe some of Part Foul wouldn't go through nazi-mod standards, but something such as a pattern imperfection should not stop a map from being ranked.

edit: @Gabi, that's where good reputation comes in hand. We all have friends, and friends do friends favors (as Cheesewarlock said.)

I also agree with Cheese's point (actually, all of them probably) that things like Party Foul should not happen often. But the thing is, it doesn't happen often. So cut us some slack, give us some freedom, and move on from party foul. I assure you that complaining about the system does not encourage BATs me, at least, to mod your maps.
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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I love how people keep putting "this damn debate" up again, yet seem to keep forgetting to stay on-topic.

Gabi wrote:

how do the non famous mappers with maps that happen to be absolutley fine, get their maps looked at by bats with no/very low priority?
This is a bit off-topic, but I'll answer you anyway.

Get non-BAT modders. Please include the possibility (and even the worth) of non-BAT modders out there that have been working so hard to improve maps that they're not even supposed to be concerned about. If you can't get their trust and approval, how more else can you get a BAT's?

The priority system does not increase the chances of getting your map ranked, but it sure makes us BATs conscious about them.

fufe wrote:

its sad to see this happen.
Mapper 1: Ive 8 stars in less than a week, im ready for rankage! =D (gets ranked)

Mapper 2: Ive got 35 stars over the course of a month, 25 more to go to get top priority D; (unseen)
-mapper 2 may be bad mapper.. but mapper2 may also be pressured to recieve tons of overmodding just for the sake of having to pump that priority number.
... fufe? I thought this thread is about the minimum priority to rank? Why are you discussing about ranking?

Anyway, I don't see anything to be saddened about those two situations.

Mapper one got his map ranked quickly, probably because he "got lucky" to get BATs to check his map. The BATs could've found no errors and decided to rank it.

Mapper two got his map modded very heavily. His map was prone to suggestions that increased the quality of his map even beyond his capabilities.

In the end, who gets the better deal? I'd say mapper two did. His map was chosen to receive improvements; the other one was probably just ranked for the hell of it. Those who followed the path of mapper two's had the better chance of having...


See? Mappers nowadays don't care how good their maps are. They just want them ranked, that's why. In the long run, the rating spread will tell you how good the maps really are. Players today can easily see a half-baked map from a fully-honed one.

vytalibus wrote:

The priority system does not increase the chances of getting your map ranked, but it sure makes us BATs conscious about them.
I looked at this discussion in a different way:

The priority system should increase the chances of a higher-priority map getting looked at by a BAT.

To me it's not about ranking, though that is the ultimate goal.

(My reasoning for wanting to increase the star limit is to encourage BAT's to look at higher-priority maps.)
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To answer vyt, substitute 'rank' with 'get BAT attn' Ive been interchanging the two on basis of assuming the map is of quality(which i know it wont always be, just do so for the purpose of discussion).Maybe I forgot to put that in or deleted it along the way.

mapper one's 'luck' was previously described as friendly relations with BATs so i bet it could happen but im not sure i buy that outright.

as for mapper 2's heavy modding. it may just be me, but i dont really trust some of the modders out there. Sure the answer is just ignore them but the older a map get the more paranoid ive gotten that something is really wrong even though no 'professional' has been able to check it. Lets look back at Rolled's first post. If you have a perfect map then you shouldnt have to go through the bs of 30kd or 16people+2bats. Now, if you werent a BAT, you may have no choice.

In the end, the point was to try to reduce the instarank trend or make instaranks a bit harder so sp might hold more..priority... All this stuff was supposed to be an example of how priority can screw us .

After all this, I'm thinking sp requirement modification probably wont do much. I dont think the current requirement does anything. someone else can say something if they think it will.

Going to BAT rankings +incentive seemed to be one of the only supported solution, nobody mentioned that it might make people attack the lower ranked bats more directly?
For me personally, I'm not biased towards the status of the mapper, but more biased towards their mapping history. There are BATs whose maps I don't really like modding, just as there are normal players whose maps I don't really like modding, simply because they tend to be a bit boring. So if I get a bad impression of anyone's mapping quality, I tend to be not so enthusiastic about modding their map.

I think this is true for anyone who mods, and not just BATs: if a mapper has a history of lame maps, then people will try to avoid the mapper, which reduces the attention he gets for it. But if he has a history of extremely cool maps, then people will be tripping over themselves to mod the maps, which in turn results in a faster rank. For example, this happened with darri.

When modding a "normal" map, it's usually just *check timing* *run/play through the map* *note mistakes* *post mistakes* *star* *rinse and repeat (yawn)*

When modding a "cool" map, it was more like *check timing* *play thro- WOW THAT WAS AWESOME* *post awesomeness* *bubble/rank* *DO YOU HAVE ANY MORE!?/HEY MOD THIS GET IT RANKED IT'S AWESOME*

Personally, song choice accounts for over 50% of a map's awesomeness. If you don't choose a good song to map, imho no amount of exciting mapping can help boost the song's awesomeness. The song needs to be vibrant enough to allow for a (large) variety of rhythmic patterns (eg. look at Cross Time or Festival of the Ghosts) and compare it with a not so interesting song like Way of Difference.

Another thing is that the rhythmic variation of the song itself leads to the creation of creative patterns. You can't force creative patterns into songs that don't have enough variation - in this case it just turns into bad spacing/mapping.

I think I can write a thesis on the art of making beatmaps -.-
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
@Echo: You're the MAN~ :)
I think a lot of these problems come from newbies being tricked into believing the system is unbiased, when it's obvious to anyone who spends a week or two here that it's a social system. Seeing the bubbles and star system when I first joined, I was convinced that the system was unbiased, with attention based solely on the map. After all, the main tenet of EBA was, in my mind, trying out new styles of music you weren't used to. "And hey, if anime-based maps are all the rage, surely the community will like my video game maps, too?" I imagine newcomers who see the Kudosu system think the same thing: "If I get enough Kudosu, people will mod my map, no matter how unpopular of a song I choose or how unknown I am".

In retrospect, this doesn't make a whole lot of sense; people don't download the map and then decide to play it - they usually look at the artist, title, and mapper to decide these things. I was misled into making map(s) that weren't very popular subjects with the very J-Pop oriented community, and I still suffer from these setbacks.

I believe there should be some sort of helpful guide to the more subjective points of mapping; sure, it feels really unfair that J-Pop and BAT-made maps get to the top of the list, but that's the way life works. We should warn newcomers that maybe mapping Egg Fleet isn't the best idea to start with - gain some reputation before you try maps that could potentially be obscure and unpopular. It would've helped me a lot.

My main point, in difference to Echo, is that song choice plays a much larger role on map visibility instead of map quality. You need to sell your map, not just put it up there and expect a mod.
@K2J: that's what the song preview is for :)
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
That has no bearing on the map, though, just the MP3/OGG. You still cannot tell the quality of a map without downloading it.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I disagree.
If a BAT thinks the map is rankable, why not rank it.
Introducing a limit like this will mean fewer ranked maps for people to play because they will get ranked more slowly. I think
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
^ Pro. ^

Still pro.
I tripled my post length via EDIT you might wanna double check to make sure you still agree lol
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