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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
Well currently in osu! channel, people discuss about scores and maps and such, but all of those most likely refer to normal osu!

How about adding a Taiko channel, and a CTB (Catch The Beat) channel, so that players will be able to discuss about the specific game they like. This will give them their space too.

I don't find a problem with "dividing the community" with this idea. To the contrary, people who actually care about CTB and Taiko wont talk too much in osu! channel, but might as well do so if they get their own CTB/Taiko channel, and the community will become even bigger.

We are all osu! players after all. ;)
I agree with this. CtBers/Taiko players should be able to have a channel specifically just to talk about that game mode. Most of the time, everyone talks on #osu about irrelevant things so we should make channels for game talk too. Kinda like forums!
but the #osu channel is not really a channel for osu mode players but more a random topic chatroom
Maybe add a general chatroom channel, and make #osu actually osu-related? XP
imo keep #osu as it is, but add a #general/foreign channel. i cant really back this up but i belive alot of people who dont dare to talk in #osu would use them.

as for taiko/ctb channels, idk go ahead i guess? alltho it means more work for mods to keep channels clean from spammers or people who cause "trouble"
I think #osu is fine as is :P
People talk about anything there, but they know it's an IRC channel of a game, and anything about the game can be bought up by anyone. If you didn't know, it's the same for the foreign channels.

As for the topic, I think it would be good. But I barely see any chat about Taiko or CtB...
As for dividing the community, most of it is already divided in scoreboards anyway. :|
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