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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on June-19-09 at 11:38:30 PM

Artist: Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka
Title: Magnet
Source: ryuuseiP
BPM: 216
Filesize: 8984kb
Play Time: 03:53
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (2.87 stars, 272 notes)
  2. Hard (4.8 stars, 505 notes)
  3. Normal (4.31 stars, 361 notes)

Download: Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka - Magnet
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
A lovely duet by Hatsune Miku (vocaloid2 series 01) and Megurine Luka (vocaloid2 series 03)
Basically Luka is Miku's little sister (even though she's "older")
Storyboard is complete~ trimmed a bit more stuff

Added Easy
And I don't plan to take out that last break, since I wanted another break before ending.

Thank you list-
Derekku Chan - for making me redo normal's spacing and positioning, thanks for second run-through~ lol, don't grub kudosu per post anymore plz~
Nexy- for forcing me to get rid of ugly borders
Alace- for quick hitsound check
Tieff- for custom hitcircle and stars~
EEee- quick fixes
Blissfulyoshi- good eye as always
m980- thanks~!
Alace again - bubble pop, and revival~ <3
JInxyjem- picky picky =3=
SFG- picky!! >_<
Remmyx25- Thanks for the comment, and stars~
Supergarlic, and SFG again- .... RAWR nazi and made me auto-pop bubble T_T
Oh shit. Epic storyboard ahead. I'll edit this post when I'm done modding.

Maybe turn up the overall difficulty? This is a little difficult for me to mod because everything is so close together. I prefer for things to be spread out.

00:10:14 (1,1) - These notes are a little awkward even though they fit correctly. It just makes them hard to hit because there's no melody to go with and by the time you realize what it is it's already too late. I would recommend replacing these with a slider, so that even if you're early/late, you still get it. (But that's just my opinion)

00:14:87 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - I recommend not stacking notes on these. Because the spacing is so close together and the notes come in slowly, it's hard to see.

01:09:31 (1,2,3) - Can't even tell these are sliders.
01:16:12 (1,2,3,4) - Again, I don't think these should be stacked on the slider, especially because there's a slight pause before the next note (slider).
02:22:92 (4,5) - Hard to tell which one goes which way.
02:52:37 (1,2) - Can't tell (2) is a slider.
03:05:42 (1,2,3,4) - Don't stack.

This map has awesome potential, but I feel like it's being held back because of the small distance spacing which is making everything seem really slow-paced and clustered.

I'm tired tonight (I've been modding all day), so I'll look at Hard tomorrow.
Miku. <3
Awesome SB. Really. I'm your fan, now.
00:11:95 (6) - Slider should return here 00:12:094 (white) and end here 00:12:233 (red), I think.
00:47:37 (3) - Clap, maybe?
01:11:12 (x) - Add note? Note sure about this...
01:42:64 (5) - Clap?
01:49:59 (1) - ^
02:16:12 (3) - Slider should return here 02:16:261 (white) and end here 02:16:399 (red), I think.

00:07:51 (1) - Hmm... Don't think, that you need this slider.
00:52:64 (1) - Clap on end?

Star. Kudosu star.

Btw, I have some nice custom circle for you, and if you want, I can pm you with it.
Cool cool. Love the SB. Again I can't find anything wrong :P
Ahh~ Much better! Also, I LOVE the claps <3

[Normal] Note: Don't forget to fix any distance spacing caused by any of these suggestions.
00:59:03 (1) - I would make this one white tick shorter and add a hit circle where you had it end.
01:20:70 (2) - Push this backwards a red tick
01:21:53 (1) - Not sure if this would sound better with a hit sound or not. Hmm..
02:06:39 (3) - Maybe have this repeat once more?
02:16:95 (5) - Move one tiny grid down (nazi)
02:18:20 (1,2) - Feels off to me. Maybe switch with a repeating slider? There were some other areas during the chorus that I wasn't sure about, but they work either way so I guess it doesn't matter.
02:23:48 (1) - "Feels" like it should start where the previous note (5) is, and should end two white ticks into the break, but maybe that's just me.
02:58:20 (2) - Maybe stack this on 1? It feels weird being off to the side to me.
03:07:37 (1,2,3,4,5) - Move this whole stream a white tick backwards.
03:08:76 - Maybe replace this break with something? It feels weird to have a break right in the middle of the last chorus :(
03:27:78 (1,2,3) - I would stack these.
03:34:03 (6,7,8) - Make these a triplet pattern. So put (7) a red tick forward and put (8) a white tick forward. Also, put a finish on (7) instead of a whistle. :)

Again, don't forget to fix distances after applying any changes.

Thanks for taking my suggestions to remap this. It looks so much better and I like it! I'll try and look at [Hard] later after I plow through some other things~
01:14:45 (5) - This isn't spaced, either new combo of space it yay i found some stuff
03:26:25 (4) - new combo
03:26:67 (1) - move 1/2 back, to the white tick, and rebound once more, Trust meh, its sounds awesome
03:35:14 (1) - add finish

01:10:14 (1) - remove new combo

00:41:81 (2) - New combo, or at 3
00:42:92 (4) - New combo if u made it at 2
00:55:70 (3) - New combo, spacing changes and I highly consider this one
01:02:09 (4,5,6) - don't have to do this one, maybe move down 2 times on a lvl 3 grid
01:33:75 (7) - remove that awesome clap noise, to me, it doesn't sound right
03:43:75 (7) - I'm taking a guess distance snap is at 1.9 and this isn't snapped, move down a bit
03:43:34 (5) - This is way too hard, add new combo

Nice SB, not sayin u should, but check how a white png. will look when the flashes behind the chicks happen

P.S. I must steal that awesome clapping noise
*redownloads* Ooh... pretty circles <3

[Easy] As always, remember to fix spaces and other errors after applying fixes.
00:01:25 (1,2,1,2,1,2) - I think these would sound better if they were each extended one red tick. But the current way is okay.
00:09:17 (1,1) - Because the notes are big and the sliders are so short, this gets clustered in with the other sliders. Perhaps arrange these horizontally like this?

00:10:70 (2) - Make it a whole beat shorter. You can put a circle after that where it currently ends if you like.
00:13:20 (2) - Move forward to the red tick and shorten it by 1/2 a beat.
00:35:70 (1) - Make this part of the last combo and...
00:36:81 (2) - Make this the start of the new combo.
00:46:25 (2) - Maybe have this repeat one more time? Both sound fine, though.
00:59:03 (1) - End a white tick earlier.
01:17:64 - Perhaps put a beat here? Sounds empty.
02:01:25 (1) - End a white tick earlier. (with maybe a hit sound?)
02:22:92 (4) - Repeat one less time.
03:00:28 (2) - Shorten by a 1/2 beat
03:02:23 (2) - ^
03:03:34 (1) - ^
03:03:89 (2) - Move back to the red tick.
03:44:59 (1) - Move forward one white tick, and make it one white tick longer.

Hard seems to be stumping me at the moment, so I'll check it out in the morning. /me falls asleep from not sleeping last night.
SB is nice

01:13:90 (4) - I don't like how this is spaced incorrectly, I would make a it a new combo or space it right
01:52:93 (2) - might look better if you put directly under the end of 5
02:43:49 (5) - make 5 the same distance from 4 as 4 is from 3 (move 1 notch(3) left)
02:52:38 (1) - I am not to sure if short repeating sliders of different lengths belong in easy

I think the the amount of whole note streams and the inconstant repeating notes is enough to disqualify this thing as easy.

00:11:68 (5,6) - make the spacing between these 2 = to the distance between 3 and 4
00:17:93 (3) - make a horizontal reflection of 1
00:18:49 (4) - make this have the same distance from 3 that 2 has
00:29:60 (4,5) - make these a vertical reflection of 2,1 respectively
00:34:88 (7,1) - make the spacing between these 2 = to the distance between 5 and 6
00:37:38 (5,6) - make the spacing between these 2 = to the distance between 3 and 4
01:07:24 (1,2) - make the spacing between these 2 = to the distance between 3 and 4
02:13:49 (3) - make a vertical reflection of 1
03:04:04 (3) - make the same distance from 2 as 1 is
03:49:60 (3) - make a horizontal reflection of 1

00:35:99 (3) - make the same distance from 2 as 1 is
00:58:77 (3) - " "
01:18:77 (4,5) - make the spacing between these 2 = to the distance between 2 and 3
02:22:38 (3) - make the same distance from 1 as 2 is
03:47:93 (3,4,5,6,7) - feels a little hard for the diff.

Quite a nice map. Star.
Looks good to me

The end bit of Hard is tricky.

03:50:02 (3) - Unnecessary jump.

But yeah I'll keep the bubble here.

shinxyn wrote:

lol, don't grub kudosu per post anymore plz~
:< I went through normal, went through it again when you redid it, and then you added an Easy that I believe hadn't been there. You don't have to give kudos if you think I didn't help. :P

Anyway, I went through Hard. Some tricky patterns, but it's [Hard] so it's fine. *Learns to like them* I see nothing wrong (at least nothing that would pop the bubble).

Again, great job! I can't wait to play this once it gets ranked. :)
+15ms to ALL timing lines
resnap all notes

02:49:32 (4) - new combo?

plz use the blank sound sample made by cyclone
I guess players won`t be lag after using it
I also made ablank sample pack for all hitsounds
Don`t forget full submit
Star for now
Hi again
everything is fine for me now (file timing spacing)

About Hitsounds
<Easy> 00:45~01:00 is the best softclap patten
clap per 2 divisors(BPM108)
Maybe copy this patten to other softclap parts and other diffs

I enjoy playing this map <3
01:33:50 (3,4,5) - The 5 should be in line with 3; edit the spacing of 4 to do so.

A very good map, +10 for the storyboard :D
00:10:72 (2) - end 1/2 earlier
00:16:84 (1,2,3) - too much finish imo
01:15:03 (7) - i was expecting hitsounds...
03:18:50 (4) - clap

00:55:17 (2) - clap
03:22:67 (5) - hitsound

00:50:72 (2,3,4,5,6) - hitsounds in here somewhere
01:08:78 (5) - hitsound
01:44:06 (2) - clap
02:01:28 (1) - incorrect bpm change
02:05:72 (4) - finish
02:45:72 (2) - improper bpm change
02:54:61 (1) - ^
03:06:28 (5) - ^

fix Hard plz this is sooo close to being rankable and really a beautiful map, it was a pleasure modding it <3

Saturos-fangirl wrote:

00:10:72 (2) - end 1/2 earlier fine >_>
00:16:84 (1,2,3) - too much finish imo listen carefully... I'm just enhancing the music's sounds
01:15:03 (7) - i was expecting hitsounds... Well I wasn't
03:18:50 (4) - clap Notice I don't have a single clap on the chorus? So, no

00:55:17 (2) - clap No claps in that section, period >_<
03:22:67 (5) - hitsoundNo, I want to bring out the audio more than the note

00:50:72 (2,3,4,5,6) - hitsounds in here somewhere It did have some, but prefer to bring out audio more
01:08:78 (5) - hitsound No ^ same reason
01:44:06 (2) - clap fine fine, I removed it before though..
02:01:28 (1) - incorrect bpm change Don't point out how people's style is like this please
02:05:72 (4) - finish Fine
02:45:72 (2) - improper bpm change Too bad, my map, don't need to point these out at all
02:54:61 (1) - ^ ^
03:06:28 (5) - ^ ^

fix Hard plz this is sooo close to being rankable and really a beautiful map, it was a pleasure modding it <3
=3= its rankable (... it is bubbled after all), just has lots of style conflicts compared to how you think, clearly I notice most of the bpm changes and I placed them there on my own... Don't bother pointing them out, unless its a clear -mistake-, even if its just suggestions.
Man I HATE HATE HATE to pop this bubble.

Take out the silent slider ticks, or at least turn up their volume. Slider ticks make sliders sound awesome when used right.

The other thing this needs is a hitcircleoverlay. If you can't make one of your own, use the template skin's.

03:26:28 (5) - This would look better aligned with (4)

02:01:28 (1,4) - These two sliders sound really weird because they end on blue ticks

I am not going to lie, I really really like this map. The storyboard is excellent, and hitsound use is brilliant.

EDIT: To show how much I <3 this map, have more priority.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
01:12:95 (1,2,3) - usually these things arent much of a problem, but this spacing might confuse a newbie. so move this down a bit
03:05:31 (1) - this would confuse easygoers too. you dont really need to change this i guess though
03:53:78 (2) - move this down a bit



imo you should skin the spinnerapproachcircle
If you want to, half the bpm and double the slider velocity so everything will stay the same. This makes it easier for taiko to play and makes the menu beat more slowly

This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Miku <3
Everything is fine
here we go
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