How do I place sliders?

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Hey, I really don't know much about mapping, but I tried mapping just for fun, but when I try to place a slider I can't end it? Like, I press the slider button and place the slider's start where I want it, but after that, I just cannot end it and it just keeps going on forever. I press enter, it doesn't end the slider, I click it, nothing happens. So I'm asking for help on how to end a slider because no matter what I try I can't end it and even if I search I can't find the answers I'm looking for.
Have you tried right-clicking?
additionally, right-clicking will remove whatever object is under the cursor at the moment, be it a spinner, a note, a slider, or a slider node (I am sure there's a lot of them after your attempts to end a slider)
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Kaerukero wrote:

Have you tried right-clicking?
It worked! Thanks a lot :)
Zelzatter Zero
Next time hover the button to see their function. The game even explain which to end the slider:

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