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When I think about it now it should be called just 'streamjumps'.

Though the streamjumps are most times streams that don't even touch themselves but are still in the same snap. Something like Scorpiour's example, not sure if this should be a different category.

About this itself, it really is a nice technique when used properly and not overdone, especially when emphasizing the music changes.
I can see this in super-long deathstreams (Ascension to Heaven?) where you have ~10 seconds of normally-spaced streams before a speed change, but in short streams? No. 3.
I think people are confusing variable stream spacing with circle stream jumps.

This is variable stream spacing. Notice that there are no stream jumps.

all those examples are bad (sans the last one, but it's more of a stream jump instead) and I've never seen this used in a good way

however, I won't discount that it could be used effectively so 2
I have mixed feeling about this. It mostly depends on the music's pace on that part, himo: it can be used very well or it could be used horribly. I'd give it a 3.
it seems a lot of people are talking about jumps... wrong technique everyone lol
Aren't streamjumps where sections of compressed streams are split by spacing increases, thus satisfying the definition of "jump?"

When I think "variable streams," I think of this and then think, "Are you having a Steffi Graf?"

Thread title should be as stated in the OP: "Round 55: Variable Spaced Streams | Discontinuous Streams"

The one where you have a jump in the stream but with no change in timing between the notes is the latter. (The last one in the examples in the OP is the best example imho)

Anyways, I nominated discontinuous streams not because I like them, but because I absolutely hate them. Only rarely have I found them to be even remotely fun. Although, they're not ~too~ bad with the right bpm and jump distance. 2/5

Variable streams are kinda fun sometimes, but only if it is readable and looks nice. I've seen people do stupid stuff with this technique though, so 3.5/5.
1 because while gradually increasing/decreasing the spacing of a long stream over time can work very well - same with the example where they simply change from one DS to another and signal that with a new combo, or hell, even the last example - two of the examples in the OP are worth -10 points each and more than cancel out the more sensible examples.
variable streams are great when done well. 4/5

However, discontinuous streams (streams that involve jumping, like the last example) are terrible imo and I have never played a map where they felt good. 0.038/5
definitely hate them = =
I think there alright, but in most cases there pretty bad because they are hard to read :3 (unless there a drastic change in music)

I've never came up with these streams that much though, prob one time a while ago and that was it, I guess they need to be properly placed or else there just bad in the long run. (but I most likely see this happening in instrumental songs where you can really experiment with the beat).


Charles445 wrote:

Can be done well, can be done horribly wrong. 3
^My thoughts
I usually hate them but sometimes they are really creative and fun
Overuse is a no-no, tho

just no

can be EXTREMELY RARELY done well

it stresses the player very unconfortable somehow.
1. I dislike this heavily. Havent seen it done well..

Charles445 wrote:

I think people are confusing variable stream spacing with circle stream jumps.

This is variable stream spacing. Notice that there are no stream jumps.

Based on this, I will rate a 2.

Though they can be mapped well, I never have fun playing these types of streams. It just brings down maps for me to where I rarely play them, even if the rest of the map is epic.

If it's an actual jump during a stream, I cannot possibly give it a low enough rating to represent just how much I hate them :/ They can, by themselves, bring a map which would be a 10 to 1 in my opinion.
Depend on the use, so 3.
They can be as fun to play to receive 5, but they can be misused up to being utterly disturbing to have 1.
I always enjoyed muya's maps with this kind of streams. They are awesome. 4/5

EDIT: I just remembered that I used this technique too, in my "Tsunamaru - paranoia" map:
00:39:027 (2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5) -
streams are hard so I hate when someone do this without reason
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