Pause/Mute button in Song Select [resolved]

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strager wrote:

Derekku Chan wrote:

There's a pause button in Multiplayer

Also, I was not implying that everyone uses Vista or 7 or should use them. I'm just stating a workaround until this gets added.
In multiplayer rooms. I should've specified, oops.
+1, though I think this should be low priority for the moment.
support +1
support for sure i have been wanting this for a while
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Totally agree.
Then we need to change the key binding for it. F1-F3 are occupied in the song select screen and if we're going to have this feature, then the key bindings must come along with it. This presents pretty messed up problems. We'll have to move frame limiter toggle, chat, extended chat, and screenshot to F4-F7. Then, The actual play keys will be F8-F12 (we won't need a change song to). However, many people won't notice this at first, and their key bindings in their settings will overlap the play keys. A very unlikely happening unless we can somehow hack them to change their keybindings according to new "defaults" or eliminate the play key shortcuts in total. Speaking of which:

Th3w-san wrote:

-Add support for keyboard media buttons. Occasionally I'll have osu! running minimized just to play music while I'm doing something else, and it'd be much nicer if I could just mash the Pause or Skip key on my keyboard instead of getting my ears raped by several seconds of U.N Owen while I wait for osu! to maximize and let me click the little Stop button. :P
This is probably less of a problem for people who play windowed...
A neat feature to have to add to the hell of it all. I'm pretty sure this isn't going to happen very easily, unless we can find a better way.
do you HAVE to mess with the function keys? cant you just put a pause button somewhere like there is in multiplayer?
I say add both a button that you can press on the screen AND a customizable toggle key.
Sleep Powder
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Toggle keys to lower volume would be nice too XP
Seriously needed....

TheVileOne wrote:

Seriously needed....
same here.
bump! resolved!
+1 Support need a way to simply mute volume
way to bump a resolved topic :p

i think i'll just lock this to prevent further bumps
Just in case if anyone haven't noticed, you can turn up/down volume in Song Select by holding Ctrl+Shift, and then use Up arrow/Down arrow/mouse wheel. ;)

This also applies to anywhere that makes mouse wheel unusable to adjust volume, including map editor.
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