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Unable to find the BPM/offset of your map? Post here.

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I can't tell if this is the right bpm. Also I don't know if I was supposted to fully upload this beatmap or not, but I did so just gonna hope no one installs it.
Gyro Zeppeli

this song i cant find right bpm and i'm not sure about its BPM has change. thx

This map has several parts that have different rhythms (BPM changed)
May I have some help, please?
Thank you very much. <3
Need help with the timing pls!

01:18:510 - sounds earlier than drum/snare sound.
you can hear it on 01:18:099 - 01:18:921 - , this one 01:25:496 -

maybe you can help me ?

Thanks in advance! ^^
ario no matter what I do, I cant find a proper offset/bpm for it. It always sounds off
Hi! Need check my map ^^ ty all who test this :)
I think I might have got the right bpm, but I still can't tell. I might even need to make multiple different ones which I still don't know if I can pull off. Help would be much appreciated.
[MTF] Wolfette
Need timing check. Multiple people told me it's fine, but now a modder is telling me it's off. I need a definitive answer.

Thanks ~
not sure of the timing of this song hope someone can check it ;u;

I'm not sure if the timing is right. Can anyone check it?
Thank you in advance ;)

I believe the main sections are timed correctly but there's a few bpm changes that i can't work out. Thanks in advance
Need help with the timing pls

cant find the right bpm and offset

Thank you! ^^
Could you please help me with timing?

I need help with the timing to verify if it is correct.
Someone told me it's off.

Thanks in advance!
Need help finding correct offset, it feels slightly off
bank78952 i can't find timing/offset by myself gonna find someone to help about it
[MTF] Wolfette
TIming is taken from another compilation map. I think offset is wrong tho
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