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Unable to find the BPM/offset of your map? Post here.

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I think I got the BPM right but the offset seems to be off-set. Haha.

I don't feel like fiddling with it, as it's rather tedious and I'm not well-versed in the osu! editor.

EDIT: Nope, now my map is missing an mp3. Kk. Let me go fix it up.

I'd like to double check the offset of my map. I'm 90% sure it's correct, however, the music flows in such a way that I need to use 1/8 ticks to hit certain upbeats.

The difficulty that best exemplifies my issue is normal, and it is at the very end of the portion I have mapped (WIP map). Kudosus to anyone who can find anything. If there's nothing wrong with it after all, I can't kudo you but I can send you nudes thank you politely.
Hi, I tried to check the offset of this but I don't know if I did well, actually feels kinda strange on some slider part, please help me!!!

Really thanks in advance!!
Chibi Maruko
I tried find offset but didn't work
No idea if the BPM or offset is right or not.
Guys, help me with timings
pls <3
Just another child that can't find his own offset / bpm, hopefully someone will toss a lending hand :)
bLooD raYNe

need help with the bpm/offset
Can you kindly PM me, when you find it

Could someone please check the timing on Yunomi - Hoshi Furu Yoru no Adenium? I'm pretty sure BPM is correct, but the offset is definitely wrong.
Thanks in advance!

I'm pretty sure I got it now.

Issues with getting correct offset (abit late for that with 1 finished diff but w/e)

I think BPM should be right..
Hey i'm really bad at checking BPM/offset so if anyone can help me that would be really cool thx in advance guys

this bpm and offset is too hard for me, help me please :c

Thanks in advance!

Apparently someone said that there was an issue with the offset, so I would like for someone to take a look
Hiya ^^ /

I'd like a second opinon on these timing points because I'm not quite sure if it's right.

Thanks a lot!

Endaris sent me here; please be nice to me
help me for find this BPM/offset

i think this bpm is right or not or right or not, aaa i don't know >< help mee...
Hi, BPM check here.
I mainly need help between 12:295 and 22:489.

Thank you!
[ Erika ]
Hello everyone,

I also need help with my beatmap ( I've been told that the song may require multiple timing points, since in some parts the vocals sounds off with the timing.
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