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Unable to find the BPM/offset of your map? Post here.

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Need help with check is BPM correct and offset. I think it is but just wanna be sure because i never mapped seriously. Thanks.
I don't sure with my timing. Please corect it
Need Check correct BPM and Offset (reply in the thread not here)

can someone lock this thread and unpin it?
knowing that Rolled is gone
It seems like the bps changes, but I can't tell for sure.

I also need help to find the correct bps for the start of this map until 00:26:277, after that the bps seems to fit very well.

@AncuL - I don't know if that also means, that no one else helps us with the bps. The thread can still be used for the same purpose, even when the thread creator isn't active anymore, at least when there are still people doing what he started.
[ B l u e ]
This is quite a task, but my 12 minute map appears to have several BPM changes. I have already mapped and timed some of it, but I may be off there.
this is an S class request, featuring a "denpa" type song which involved retardly lotsa bpm and shits. here's the S Class request, thank you
I have started mapping this already, and i thought it was timed perfectly, but now im not sure if the offset is correct. There are multiple time signature changes in this song (from 3/4 to 4/4)

Blanc Kisaragi
I don't know the timing in this map
Timing please :(
I'm close but no nail yet
Neku Okazaki
I need the timing of: Junichi Masuda - KISEKI

Thanks :D
There's a program called Virtual DJ, I think it's free I don't remember how I downloaded it... Anyway the official site says it's free for home use

When you put a song there and let it play it'll recognize the bpm and write it above the "disc" in the right corner
That's how I find bpm and it works perfectly :)
Ehm... Finding correct BPM is fun, I think. When some kind of machine do that instead of you, maybe it is easier a lot, but it's less satisfaction from making a beatmap. That's my opinion though I think a good mapper should stand against this maybe the hardest task, and set the correct BPM. If it's really hard to do, there is thread like this one, to help, right?
need help offset

thx -3-
Hi there, I need some timing help, especially with the last few seconds of the song.
Thanks in advance!
Can someone help me find the correct bpms and offsets?
Please and thank you
I need timing check. Multiple bpm at several sections.
Lunatic Raccoon
This beatmap already had a BPM check but i'm still not so sure about the 2nd last BPM and all the offsets.
Need someone to do me a double-check on it.
-[ AmiShici ]-
Hiii there~

Idk, i think this song have multiple Timing Points on first song (for first LNs).
Need someone to help me for it

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