Unable to find the BPM/offset of your map? Post here.

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I need help with this

Thanks in advance!
hello, i need help with the timing, it feels kinda off
thank u in advance
lexa on osu

Help with the last 40% of the map, please. Looks like BPM is inconsistent in the fast 'chase part'. Thanks
Cyan Cookie

Pls send help I'm very confused.
I tried my best, by my brain melted by around the 1:30 mark and I'm not sure if 1:25~1:30 is correct though it sounds alright but it makes no sense ugh this is pain.
I am 75% sure everything before 1:25 is right and I really do not have the brainpower to work any further past 2:05 because those three notes there also screwed me up real good.

Pls save me thank you so much for having this thread even exist.

Edit: 55% sure

hey help me with BPM/Offset pls, really wanna map this one
idk,, i mean i joined here at 2020 so imma confused ass.. please help with the bpm and offset, ily guys
I'm not sure about the offset... any help?
I found an approximate bpm but not sure about it. Help me please! Thanks!

i found around where the bpm was, but I could use a check on the bpm and offset, as some notes are timed on blue and i dont think it should be off like that

6 mins, piano song, I must be really lucky if I can actually find someone to help me with this one
I already timed the first like 10% but I'm not sure if it's correct

hey lululu is omega gay XD

Anime-style song (in fact, it's from an anime), I'm 100% sure the song itself is not timed perfectly but the BPM should be around 182bpm, feel free to rack your brain around it because for the life of me, I simply cannot find the perfect timing for this song

Please whoever attempts this if you think u can cheese the timing by cutting the song on precise points, I can send you the original file, and the cut file that I did, just send me chat on the website or an old forum PM, I would really appreciate any sort of response to this. It's a really good song that I can't start mapping because of f ked up timing
I can't even do my best to find the right bpm. F

Vickeblanka - Black catcher

length : 3:14


need help to find the right offset after changing the mp3
Well, thanks in advance.

song: ASCA - CHAIN (TV Size)

In the first place, I am not sure if the timing I have is correct, and since I had to change the mp3 I would like someone to help me correct it. (if it is possible to correct from the top diff, I appreciate them)

Please send me the .osu file (by pm) to make the sending easier and to verify if it is correct. (Anyway, I have setmap backup)

In case my map needs modifications, I guarantee that they can earn kudosu.
i'm not sure if my timing is right

there has mod
but i doubt if more than one red lines (in main part) are needed
also timing after 03:16:115 is hard...
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