Do you need to follow the recommended difficulty on osu!?

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I am a 6 digit in osu! and my recommended difficulty in osu! is 3.58* but i can easily do 3.6*-3.9* and i can pass 4*+ stars, do you follow your recommended difficulty in osu!? What will happen if you only follow the recommended difficulty in osu!?
not at all, the recommended difficulty is only related to your total pp and it could be really inaccurate on what maps you can actually play
no i can fc most 4-4.1* with good accuracy and mine is 3.8*
yeah iirc i think the recommended difficulty is based on your rank. You dont have to follow the osu recommended diffculty. To actually get good, you have to push yourself and PLAY MORE. Sometimes/most of the time, the osu recommmended difficulty doesnt push you much so u are probably better off playing the maps you usually play.
Synphonica is generally correct. That being said, it's not necessarily a bad idea to play at the recommended difficulty for practice/warmup or just as a means to test your base skill, perhaps.
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