[resolved] My own map is corrupted or incomplete ?

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Problem details : So, i recently finished a little map aspire as begginer, and i want to post it to let my friend test it. I did all the normal way to post it, and it's work.
But nobody can play it -> when you download it and open with osu, it's say that the map is corrupted or incompltete.
I noticed that my map is normally 6,41* but in osu.ppy it shows that the map is 10,57*. I guess the problem come from the upload but i'm of course not sure. If someone can help me, I will appreciate.

Thanks :)

The beatmap in question : beatmapsets/1526517#osu/3123005

oh and btw, there is a little bug here too (just visual, i can click on the button), but mb the problem comes from here too..

Osu! version : Stable 20210520.2 (latest)
You have two folders inside your beatmap folder that are causing issues. I assume they have accents in their name, but I can't actually tell which characters they are or where they are in the name.

Just make sure all of the file/folder names are using English letters only (no é's, à's, etc) and update the map. Those characters seem to break the BSS for some reason.
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this is currently the name of my 2 folders (i think there names are ok, but maybe the fact that i have 2 folders is a problem ?)

(btw the [img] is not working, idk why xD but the names are : police and sm, so normally nothing wrong with letters :/)
The map works perfectly fine now that you updated it. So whatever you changed between your last update on the one you made 8 minutes ago fixed the issue. Maybe you had a folder or storyboard element in there that you deleted before even reading my post.
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Oh ok, so there was a problem of name but inside the folder xD i used some "é" on the name of some of my image for my storyboard. Thanks for the help ! :)
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