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I would really like to see an option where you can hide inactive players.

At the moment the players are just greyed out, but its not always easy to see what you working with, especially once you've filtered by Country. Would be great to be able to hide those grey accounts, get a better picture of a true top 50 in terms of country in particular.

I would include pretty pictures but I'm not at home and have had enough wine to suggest thats not a great idea.
Unnecessary. after you didn't login for 2 weeks, you will be considered as 'inactive player' and your username will go grey. but what if he/she only play for once a month? or maybe just taking a break time and will be back in few months just like Cookiezi?

If your answer is '' Make them appear again in the ranking list'' , it gives too much hassle to the systems and dev teams , imo
I agree, we dont need to hide people just because they not logging on.
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I meant it as a filter, not an automatic process that needs to re-establish ranks

EDIT: All the work is already done in the background so its a means of hiding not removing. The ranks would remain unchanged
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It looks as though this has been resolved in some way considering the vast amount of inactives that disappeared
True that
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