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Kyonko Hizara
I have yet to buy skins, but I really really want a few ;-; Is it worth it to buy skins?
I own every single Fenrir skin. Even the gold and diamond ones.
4 Ra skins 2 were free though (alienware and solar eclipse) and have yet to play a single game with that god.

There are some free skins like the facebook, twitter and youtube skins.

I buy what I really like and in Fenrir's case it's all of his skins. <3
Honestly if you play a specific god a ton it's definitely worth it.
Kyonko Hizara
Yeah I play Kuku and Artemis a lot, and I have been getting into Scylla and Freya more recently.
I'm prolly going to go for Sacred Dragon for Kuku and maybe also gold and legendary, and then I really want Lil' Red for Scylla. I'll prolly pour $25 into gems or something and see what I can get.

I already have the Stalker Skin for Artemis and Water Dancer for Nu Wa.
I've spent well over $200 on this game and I don't play it that much. LOL

This explains why queue's are so awful for Ranked modes.

1% of Smite's population plays ranked Joust. 3% for Ranked conquest.
Kyonko Hizara
I got the Lil' Red skin for Scylla so I got a free odyssey chest. Surprisingly, it spit out something I wanted. It gave me the voice pack for Kuku.
- L A U R A -
So many people are scared of playing ranked because they could get stomped (especially 1v1). There are 2 kinds of 1v1 players, the ones that play for fun, the others (just look at Mexxtex) that try to win no matter what (Backdoor, Cheese, literally spamming games). Since the new queue system I started playing on my other level 30 acc Redàlice to get shorter queues and easy matches. And against conq ranked, I by myself get bored at picking/banning.

I own everything in the game except recolors. Some exceptions are Golden/Diamond He Bo, Diamond Merc. I rarely buy Gold skins, more likely I'll buy a Legendary or Diamond skin. It's really easy to get gems with tournaments/free gem days/giveaways on twitch. My friend in Smite gave me 8000 gems on my birthday so I just bought most of the skins in chests with them.

Someone promoting osu! while servers went potato ;)

I'm not a big fan of ranked because it is a stressful environment and people get extremely upset over the tiniest minuscule mistake.

I didn't go into ranked on LoL until 3 years after I hit level 30 in that game.
Someone posted this on the smite forums a couple days ago. Pretty cool signiture creator.

Only shows conquest for now though. :(
- L A U R A -
My stats overall are really bad. When I see stats pages that combine all modes I cringe since Joust 1v1 destroys everything. Recently saw a lot more hackers in Smite. Wezired/Symzer got banned (thanks god, his autoaim was a pain to go against, so were his wallhacks...).
Speed hacking is back too I think.
I remember when this was a problem last time and it was really annoying.

Hopefully a lot more bans will be issued out this time.

Also 2 free Fenrir skins for overwolf right now? Too bad I own them already! LOL
Kyonko Hizara
Rollin in the Christmas Nu Wa skin :U

I bought 3 of the Christmas chests and was hoping for the Hel skin, Nu Wa skin, and the loading boarder. I got all 3 and I'm so happy I didn't get a skin I'd never use.
I was going to buy the Hel skin until I realized it was 500 gems... why?

It was 5500 favor back in closed beta and I REALLY regret not buying it back then.
- L A U R A -
I think the Hel skin should be cheaper since it's quite lackluster compared to the other current Christmas skins. Not that it is bad, just compare it to the Nu Wa or Sylvanus skin.

Ao Kuang got nerfed already, I didn't see a problem with him. He had 1 way to deal damage that was easily countered (his 2) and his execute is quite weak (you can beads, aegis etc.). His Attack Progression was quite sick (kinda like Kali) maybe they could have changed that.

Atleast Vamana got the nerf he deserved (at his ulti, instead of 140 free physical power 100), he just encouraged stacking defense and then getting 1 crit item.
Kyonko Hizara
Everyone was complaining how if you aren't watching yourself, then Ao could use activate his 2 and completely take them down. It's not really the matter that he himself was strong, it's that people are pissy that he was super strong if you build him right.
Beads and Aegis literally counters every god in the game. That's how broken those actives are.
Every "how to counter X god?" thread I see on the smite forums has "buy beads, aegis, magi's and GG" reply in it.

Problem is you can not nerf those actives in any significant way without tipping the table and making some gods ridiculously broken. About 10-12 gods would have to be nerfed before you can get to addressing those actives.
Kyonko Hizara
With all these free gems again I keep going up against really good ranked players in Arena and I can't win anything ;_;

At least Awilix is fun.

Maybe if I had people to play with I'd play more. The clan I was in barely plays anymore.
I'm mostly burned out on Moba's after playing dota, LoL, Dota 2 and Smite for about 7 combined years now.
I've always played Smite rather casually. Closed beta player that isn't even level 30.

I had a couple of friends that I played this game with earlier this year but they quit for WoW's new expansion (I'm guilty of this too).
Honestly I would be down for a couple of arena games a night if I had people to play with. Problem is I never idle smite so I would need to add people on a messenger program like skype so they can bug me to play. LOL
- L A U R A -
Smite is the game I mainly play lately, next to some Civ5, Touhou and maybe osu if my connection has problems. The main Problem right now is MM is in a "test" phase. It keeps me and a lot of other friends from queueing if you aren't in a premade. Just as example:

Stone of gaia on a god with selfheal in Siege is bad. Well, not the worst thing ever I guess...

The Kulkulkan just went full lemon. These 2 players have less games together then half of my wins. And this isn't rare... if they wouldn't feed their brains out I don't care about what they build. I went 14/5 while my friend went 13/4 and we both had more then double their damage.
The issue I have with smite right now is mostly not having anyone to play it with.

I also hate the super burst CC chain meta right now. Can they just remove Serqet from the game already? I've already accepted that the MM in this game will probably always be bad so that isn't really an issue with me anymore.

Also no lifeing WoW WoD right now isn't helping me get motivated to play again either. LOL
Kyonko Hizara
I bought $24.99 worth of gems and even after the payment was complete I had to contact support so maybe they'll give me my gems.

It's a digital shouldn't be that hard to complete it.
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