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I haven't posted here in awhile!

Kyonko Hizara wrote:

I'll only do conquest if I have someone to lane with. If I don't I always end up solomid against someone a million times better than me with their mastery 7-10 fancy skin mage.
Honestly I wouldn't be to threatened by a diamond skin player unless their KDA is ridiculous. People praise me about my Fenrir KDA every other game (I guess people actually take the time to look me up LMAO). It's weird because it's incredibly easy to pick people off and not die with that god.

High level masteries for a god basically means they invested a lot of time into that particular god. I have bad games with Fenrir all the time. xD

I still hate Hercules he is so dumb to play against. It's like the warrior nerfs did absolutely nothing to him. lol
- L A U R A -
Herc is a god for people that don't really know what they are doing .-. Most people I play against with my main are like: "omg leftlick hard" "is kali really that easy?". Lately often when I solo queue people start bming teammates randomly for "feed" when they go negative or if they go something that isn't seen as good a retard. They aswell like to challenge people for 1v1s and try so hard that it kills them.

No clue how I've done it but yeah it happend:
I feel Kali is incredibly strong right now. She gets so many free stats it's ridiculous. You have to shut her down early or she will just win late game.

Looking forward to some of these nerfs next patch. Freya, Sylvanus and dear lord Rama. I think Freya needed more than what she got and I also feel Arachne is still beyond stupid but I've always hated that god so negative bias there.

I'm going to rage quit this game again because of match making. There is no reason I should ever get match against a premade of 3 30's while my team consist of mostly mid level 20's and a level 9. It's disgusting!
- L A U R A -
Got a cute example of matchmaking ft. my scumbag friend just farming kills in it: Masters 1 vs Bronze 5

What Kali gets for free stats compared to Merc is nothing. What makes these two strong lategame is the same reason why adcs are strong late. And nobody plays Kali or Chronos anyway. But I see them coming up a lot more lately, Chronos was never really picked because he lacks an early/midgame if you don't go Doom orb and he has no passive. Kali has no gank potential and her passive requires her to get kills which makes it useless in competitive situation. Right now the passive is bugged, if your target dies you get an assist.
The "free stats" is the reason stuff like mercury is so good because it allows him to skip on items that almost every other assassin has to pick up to fulfill the role. They really should just nerf his passive because that is where his problem is but they keep nerfing other stuff in his kit. =\

They are as good as hunters late game because they are allowed to build almost the exact same items and not get punished for it.

Chronos is a late game god and should stay that way. If they change him power will definitely need to be shifted not just buffed or he will be ridiculous throughout the game.

Tell me about bugs. Fenrir's ulti is still bugged. Not as bad as it was but his ulti is still ridiculously bugged to where I've died and lost out on kills because of it.

I'm probably done with this game until the new matchmaking proves it's worth. The people I've been matched with lately have been so obnoxious to the point I can't even rely on purely split pushing to win anymore. There have been a few games where I've taken the enemy Phoenix and was chased around the jungle by 5 people for like 1-2 minutes and instead of my team using their brains and taking objectives they would rather sit in base and bitch about how bad I am.
- L A U R A -
Matchmaking is pretty bad right now. I feel like conquest is hit extremly hard by it. I rarely win when I don't play mid and get a lot of people under lebel 30. I don't mind them, but had an adc few days ago doing less damage then a support chronos building midas boots + sov. People tend to just ignore calls, laugh with their crappy "jajajajaja" after the match and write random insults in their own language. So many people told me I suck for splitpushing. So many challenges for 1v1s.

I know how strong Chronos is with his insane scaling. But like other mages (vulcan, isis) he just lacks a passive. And since they removed gem of binding, normal fatalis, which benefit him a lot he fell out of favor. People tend to joke when the enemy surrenders early: report Chronos for doing nothing. But as long as his sexy diamond skin and the awesome voicelines stay, he will be one of my favorite gods.
People haven't grasped the concept of early and late game gods yet because they are used to stuff like Freya and Mercury wrecking face at every stage of the game.

That would be like me locking in Fenrir and saying "PLAYING FOR THE LATE GAME GUYS!"
- L A U R A -
That moment when you queue 3v3 with a friend, you dc for half of the match and get back with 200 ping and destroy a pro team. RIP Exposed Secrets :D

I get to play with/against pro players in LoL all the time and it's pretty amazing. I probably won't play ranked in this game for a very long time.
Also this new MM seems pretty decent then again I've only played like 5 games so idk.

Hi-Rez giving 5000 favor and 200 gems per month by simply just logging in is extremely generous. They have been throwing around so many gem events and free rewards so often lately it's actually kinda scaring me. D:

Really hope the game is doing well because something similar happened in another game I played that died. Then again their population is really high so not really worried about Smite dying anytime in the near future.
Kyonko Hizara
I finally played again a couple days ago for the first time in a month. When coming back, idk what it is, but I feel like everyone is twice and angry and twice as bad as they were before. I was on a team with 2 "pro" players, one had a master 7 Thanatos and the other had a mastery 8 something, but I forget what. They played way too aggressively, kept getting themselves killed for no reason, and then we lost because they were dead pretty much the whole time.
I do find that the raging 12 year olds seem to be more common in smite now that it's population is growing.
- L A U R A -
Maybe it's just me, but I felt like those kids always existed. Even if the community is way better then in a lot of other online games that are f2p. The bigger games are kind of a magnet for such people, just look at League of Legends.

What kind of grinds my gears of lately in Smite are the queues. This is a regular Joust League queue for me...

My queue times for Arena and Conquest are always less than 30 seconds. Joust is either a really underplayed game mode or your MMR is just that high. LOL
- L A U R A -
Joust is far from being underplayed, but at my MMR it kinda is. Aswell it got really easy to dodge (most people know I don't solo queue, so if they see me in no party and joining queue they know I'll queue Joust). The other queues are from 30 seconds - 3 min for me.

This kinda made me smile:
Kyonko Hizara
I know that Smite is trying to improve matchmaking, and recently I have had more close matches, but yesterday while playing a bit with my clan, we were up against 3 people with mastery 10's and 5000+ kills on each. Thanks improved matchmaking!

An upside tho is that foreign servers have become more stable. I was playing with 2 people in my clan and the leader was someone from Australia, so it was connecting to Australian servers. I was very surprised and happy that I had no lag at all while playing on them.
- L A U R A -
Well partys kinda fuck up matchmaking ;) When I 4 man queue Siege and it happens that we have some master/high ranked players with their tryhard face that try to break our old record of speedrun Siege (6 min) we get a lot of salty people. If we wouldnt have queued as a party the team would be split fair I guess.

As much hate Nox get, she is probably one of the best counters to He Bo. And she got damage that is also quite decent. Whats funny is that she kinda negates her own kit (ult and 2). And her 1 is the most useless skill ever...
Kyonko Hizara
I think I have a Seige record of 7 minutes. The other team just happened to be 4 really bad people.

At first when seeing Nox I really wanted her, but after looking into her moves and seeing how other people play as her, I really don't want her now. Better save my gems and favor for someone better :U Speaking of gems, I need to buy more skins, but lazy. AAAAAAA BUT THAT NEW SCYLLA SKIN.
Nox is a poorly designed anti mage. They should just rework her because no amount of number tweaks is going to save that theme with her current kit.

Also Siege MM is incredibly messed up because it's plagued with premades.
Kyonko Hizara
I have yet to buy skins, but I really really want a few ;-; Is it worth it to buy skins?
I own every single Fenrir skin. Even the gold and diamond ones.
4 Ra skins 2 were free though (alienware and solar eclipse) and have yet to play a single game with that god.

There are some free skins like the facebook, twitter and youtube skins.

I buy what I really like and in Fenrir's case it's all of his skins. <3
Honestly if you play a specific god a ton it's definitely worth it.
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