[STD 1v1 2k-∞] osu! Loved Tournament 3 (REGS CLOSED)

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Welcome to the third osu!Loved Tournament hosted by tuudug, FlatPaper, and me! As stated in the name, this tournament’s mappools will consist entirely of loved maps.

Loved Maps Only!
Top 32 qualify
2 bans from QF and onwards
Roll winner chooses between first pick and first ban
No doublebanning or doublepicking except for NM
Have fun!

  1. This tournament is 1v1, international, and open to those rank 2,000 and below. It will not be badged. The overall format will be qualifiers going into a double elimination bracket with a bracket reset.
  2. This tournament will use the following BWS: rank^(0.982^(badges*(badges+1.5)/2))
  3. Players must be within the rank range from when they sign up to when registrations end. Farming after the end of registrations is fine. There is a rank buffer of 200 ranks.
  4. Even though this tournament is unbadged, players will still be screened. We reserve the right to deny a registration if we deem the account suspicious.
  5. To keep the tournament fair, only commentators, streamers, and graphic designers are allowed to play. Referees, mappoolers, and other staff will not be allowed to play.
  6. Excessive toxicity in the Discord or during a match will result in a disqualification and blacklist.
  7. All times will be in UTC.
  8. To register, players must fill out the registration form and join the Discord. Not joining the Discord will void your registration since the server is our main way of communication.
  9. Players must change their Discord name to their osu! name. Otherwise we cannot find you.
  10. Qualifiers will be held for seeding. Players will get points based on their placement on each map (eg. #1 on a map gets 1 point, #2 gets 2 points, etc.) and they will be seeded according to the number of points they get. Fewer points mean a higher seed, and the top 32 players qualify. In the bracket stage, 1st seed will play 32nd seed, 2nd seed will play 31st seed, and so on.
  11. For bracket stage, rescheduling must be done at least 12 hours before the original match time. Unless there is a special reason, matches past Monday 8:00 UTC each week will not be accepted. This is so we can release schedules in a timely manner each week.
    1. If players cannot agree on a time, the match will default to 15 UTC.
  12. Bracket Stage matches will have the following format:
    1. RO32 and RO16: BO9 with 1 ban
    2. QF and SF: BO11 with 2 bans
    3. Finals and Grand Finals: BO13 with 2 bans
  13. Star ratings of each pool will depend on the players and stage. Since this is a 1v1, there will be no FM pool. Mappools for each stage will have the following structures:
    1. RO32 and RO16: 5 NM / 2 HD / 2 HR / 2 DT / 1 TB
    2. QF and SF: 6 NM / 3 HD / 3 HR / 3 DT / 1 TB
    3. Finals and Grand Finals: 7 NM / 4 HD / 4 HR / 4 DT / 1 TB

  1. There are no warmups for qualifiers.
  2. Players will play through the pool once. If a player disconnects mid-map, they may replay it at the end of the lobby at the referee’s discretion.
  3. Maps must be played in the order they appear on the spreadsheet.
  4. There is no grace period for qualifiers. However, if a player joins late to the lobby, they may replay missed maps at the end of the lobby. No new players may join after 10 minutes.
  5. Players may reschedule to a later qualifier lobby if they miss their first one.

  1. All matches are Scorev2 with NF enforced. Failed scores count.
  2. Players will be invited to their respective lobbies ~5 minutes before the match. If a player doesn’t show up 10 minutes after match start, it will count as a noshow and automatic forfeit.
  3. If both players noshow in winners bracket, the higher seeded one gets the win and the lower one drops to the losers bracket. If both noshow in the losers bracket, they are both disqualified. If a player noshows twice, they are blacklisted from future tournaments.
  4. Players may choose to warm up if they like. The maximum length for warmups is 4:00.
  5. After warmups, players will !roll. The roll winner may choose between first ban and second pick OR second ban and first pick.
  6. Players have 90 seconds per ban, 90 seconds per pick, and 90 seconds after each pick to ready up. If a player does not ban/pick after 90 seconds, their ban/pick will be skipped. If a player is not ready after 90 seconds, the referee may force start with !mp start 15.
  7. With the exception of NM, players may not pick or ban twice in a row from the same mod pool.
  8. In the event of a disconnection, common sense will be applied. If a player disconnects less than 30 seconds into the map, the map will be replayed. If a player experiences technical issues less than 30 seconds into the map, they may ask for an abort. Requests for aborts more than 30 seconds into the map will be ignored. If a player disconnects more than 30 seconds into the map, the point goes to the other player unless there is unambiguous evidence that the disconnected player would have won.
  9. Each player is allowed one abort/replay within 30 seconds of map start per match.
  10. If players get the same score on a map, the map will be replayed.
  11. The tiebreaker is freemod. Players may choose to play with no mod. EZ will not have a multiplier. In other words, if a player chooses to use EZ, the score they get in-game with the default multiplier is their final score.

Registrations: July 3 - July 23 23:59 UTC
Qualifiers: July 23 - July 25
RO32: July 30 - August 1
RO16: August 6 - August 8
Quarterfinals: August 13 - August 15
Semifinals: August 20 - August 22
Finals: August 27 - August 29
Grand Finals: September 3 - September 5

1st place
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4 months of osu! supporter

2nd place
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2 months of osu! supporter

3rd place
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1 month of osu! supporter

Hosts: tuudug, moss-, FlatPaper
Referees: Aidown, Aiq, clxxiii, ElMick28, Himeno Sena, DanielSiew, GDLenny, Juniper, StartAndSelect, Taevas, P a t r i c k, Prade
Streamers: tuudug, oliebol
Commentators: GaryWombo, -Schwarts, kurtis-
Mappoolers: tuudug, mega444, GaryWombo, FlatPaper

GFX: Celsea

If you would like to staff, DM moss-#2946 on Discord.
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2 days left til signups end
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