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It has probably been suggested before, but wouldn't it be awesome with a Duo mode in Osu?

Simple, let people make beatmaps with two sets of notes, one for Player 1 and one for Player 2.

Some notes could be for both players, meaning that both will have to click and draw the node together, if one fails, both will fail.

This would become a very co-operative game mode and I believe it would enhance the community very well. What do you think?
tag coop
Something like this already exists. It's called Tag Co-op and is a multiplayer mode. It's likely the same as your request, just in a row, each time the combo is changing another player has to play.

So I don't see any need in this, because it is already available
The idea is different than tag coop. This idea is similar to osu!stream, only there is one set of objects and two players.
How will overlapping objects work with tag? like if you start another slider before the first one ends, and give it a new combo color.
I see those lags :D
but sounds interesting,two players playing one map at same time
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Yeah, like people said, it's different from TAG

One example could be this, enjoy my paint skillz.

cool concept based on drawing :) . i think the last part(purple slider), if one player missed then all of us will break the combo, right?
Koro McAlpine
Oh!! I want this to happen, support.
I'm neutral towards this idea, but just so you know, it's notes, not nodes. ;)
It could work as double play, in contrary to tag where both play 1 map in double play both would play 2 "maps" simultaneously. Just not 2 different maps well i guess you can imagine what i mean, just 2 different sets of notes. But it will have double hits and possible problems with spinners and notes overlapping each other and etc well thats it. Maybe it could work out if it gets made for that
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Anyone still up for this :)?
not bad at all, will be a great implementation :D support
This one? t/156943

There's a problem with latency too because this TAG require an almost perfect sync.


YielShelion wrote:

I think its not a problem if it is played peer to peer, and only allow gameplay if the player ping are below 100ms :)
Peer-to-Peer is something that is never going to happen in osu!, even I can tell that. Everything needs to run over the server, because..yeah, Stats, etc.

Contras, or likely stuff that makes this request invalid, or...never happening:
- Peer-to-Peer or full syncing with the server needed, also low latency.
- Cursor-syncing is denied already.
- It would end up too confusing if you have more players simultaneously on one screen
- More server resources would be needed (syncing of hitscores, combo, life, etc.)
I like this. But latency is really my concern. :I
Trash Boat
from what depends that latency? because this mode.....(thumbs up)
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