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Current Priority: +59
Some songs are louder than others and it can be annoying sometimes. I'm wondering if it's possible to add a volume control bar in the Fun Spoiler so that the map remembers the user preference? eg:

I did some digging around and found this 5 years old thread about Auto volume normalisation, which is of similar nature but not the same as this request. This one is about having a user defined per-map song volume.

It is worth noting though, that peppy mentioned in that 5 year old thread about not being able to increase the in game song volume beyond the mp3 volume, however the opposite is not restricted. Can someone from the dev team confirm if this is still an issue today?

If this is still an issue, one way to get around (that I can think of) is to "start" all songs at a lowered volume (say 50%) so that the user "feels" that he is increasing the song volume when he adjust the volume control bar. Of course this means that the user may have to re-adjust his global volume to adapt to this new change.

I'll just leave the idea here and see what people thinks.
So in a way, you'll be able to increase the hitsound volume too, by lowering the music volume? t/108622/

I'm pretty sure what peppy said 4 months ago is enough

peppy wrote:

You can now adjust volume by holding alt and using mousewheel/arrow keys. Per map is not required.
Let's keep visual settings visual.

then again, there's no shortcut to decrease/increase the music volume, just universal and hitsounds.
Well in that quoted line peppy was talking about the hitsound volume. Maybe I'll change the title a bit to make it clear that this thread is about the music volume.

Not being able to control the per-map music volume is a bit weird, unless the volume of every map is normalised. One can notice volume difference when he/she browse through songs in his library (if the library is big enough).

Also one common scenario: joins mp room, host chooses a quieter song and the player has to increase the music volume. Finish playing, go fetch a drink and the host chooses a song with "normal" volume. Your neighbour's dog bark and baby cry while you rush back to your pc in panic[/drama]

Can't this be addressed somehow?
I'd like this as an addition, some beatmaps have high volume mp3 files while there are some low volume mp3 files aswell. +Support :>
Being able to have all the sound levels changeable would be nice.
Quick Example:

I like to play with the effect volume around 20%, but Osu!mania maps I've downloaded recently (e.g. LeiNs Stager) have started to use the effect so I have to go back to the options and change it back to 100%.

Support :)

Edit: Just found out you can change the effect volume by holding alt and scrolling, still think having the volume options is a good idea though.
I will bump this thread because I am on a quest to make this a thing

baraatje123 wrote:

https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/17132 ??
Yes, in case you haven't noticed I've also bumped that thread. Although really, this and that are two different things. This one is a map-specific volume setting (just like map-specific offset), whilst that thread is about automatic volume levelling. I think both are worth looking at implementing.
i'm bumping this old thread. it has more specific wording than the other old thread mentioned in this one. here are some examples of louder songs:

we already have background dim that's beatmap-specific, so i imagine it wouldn't be terribly hard doing something like this:
Remember volume per beatmap, as does the option in general settings "Remember osu!mania scroll speed per beatmap".
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