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For those who work, or study music professionally, have you ever had a creative block? If so, how did you get over it?
not exactly professional these days, but yes

relax a bit, perhaps listen to music for inspiration (or whatever other thing could serve as a source for inspiration, for example nature and so on), or just take time completely off for a bit

to each their own, whatever works

For another perspective,

Hannes Grossmann wrote:

Amateurs wait for inspiration, professionals just work
Real professionals just keep doing work to also get over the creative block

EDIT: fixed my quote syntax whop
If you want to, you can force yourself to work.

If you write something "bad", you can often write something to fit the "bad" thing and it will likely sound better. Then you can proceed to delete the bad thing, should you desire.

Using loops/whatever and deleting them afterwards can also work, if you'd like!

Just a tip I rarely see given, but has generally worked for me.

If you'd like to make a lot of music without creative blocks, I feel like you'll probably want to try to learn some sort of "pattern" to let you start off songs quickly. I can't really say I have any tips for formulas you can follow to make songs easier, though. I don't really have any myself.

I guess using reference tracks and putting them into your daw can help too. Just try to be careful that your song isn't too similar to the original... Ideally.
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