Antti's TAIKO modding queue ヾ(・ω・*)ノ but it's closed

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Since my summer holiday started few days ago (wow), I decided to open a modding queue for the time being (not sure if I'll continue after the holiday, we will see)~

Anyways, here are the rules:
1. Only post TAIKO maps (hybrids with taiko difficulties are OK too).
2. I will only mod complete pending maps, that are going for ranked, so be sure that your map is ready for modding (has all the difficulties you have planned to do, has SVs and volumes done etc.)
3. M4M requests are always prioritised, even posting one suggestion is more helpful than NM for me!
4. My choice of what I will mod will mostly consist of having a song I prefer so please see my preferences below.
5. In terms of M4M, I'll mod first.
6. Please use this format to address your request and other info:

Type of request:
Map's link:
Any additional info:
Map that you will mod (M4M):

Song preferences (if you want a GD from me, I'll probably accept the "genres" marked as cyan or green only:
Most likely 100% accepted: Symphonic Power Metal, Chiptune and songs from Pokemon (only from games), Toby Fox and TUYU!
Preferred: Video Game OSTs, Electronic, Metal, J-pop, J-rock, songs related to Touhou, Vocaloid and some Vtuber songs.
I'm OK with: Anime and most likely others I didn't mention.
Most likely won't accept: Western Pop, Hip Hop, Rap...

M4M maps:
Type of request: NM
Map: beatmapsets/1486489#taiko/3047964
Length and difficulties: 4:53, Inner Oni
Genre: Metal
Length and difficulties: 2:26 KFMOIX
Genre: Electronic
Any additional info: lit song
Map: beatmapsets/1459537#taiko/2999111

Type of request: M4M
Length and difficulties: 4:38, whichever you prefer
Genre: 8-bit/chiptune
Map that you will mod (M4M):
Map: beatmapsets/1460162/discussion/3000311/timeline/pending

Type of request: NM
Map's link: beatmapsets/1361620#taiko/2817433
Genre: Electronic
Any additional info: Pretty new map with very few mods.

New Zealand
Type of request: NM please.
Map's link: beatmapsets/1418349#taiko/2922234
Genre: Metal
Any additional info: 4.91* Oni & 6* inner Oni - Length: 4:31

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
type of request: NM please, I am just getting back into mapping for rank after a long break and I don't think I could contribute anything good to your map ):
map's link: thquib - barkuya
length: 0:43
genre: uuhhh.. chiptune??? no clue tbh
additional note(s): i need help more specifically with metadata and tags, if you don't mind :')

tysm for your consideration!
m4m request
explicit remix
map was in the graveyard but i had to fix some stuff and add an oni to have good conscience, kinda feels rankable now
pls dm maps you want me to mod on osu chat! i'm best at modding muzus & onis but can mod other diffs too.

Type of request: NM
Map's link: beatmapsets/925255#taiko/1932756
Genre: j-pop
Any additional info: old map with gds

Type of request: NM
Map's link: beatmapsets/1451397#taiko/2984048
Genre: Electronic
Any additional info: smooth svs and 1/6 + 1/4
thank you in advice <3
Type of request: nm
Map's link: beatmapsets/1475885#taiko/3028532
Genre: metal
Any additional info: dont be scared of bpm, most of the map goes 1/2
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NM closed for now so I can focus more on the requests.

Requests (which I haven't modded yet) accepted:
Deathwing1306, arley_, gaston_2199, paz08 and roxan.

M4M and GD are still open!
Type of request: M4M
Map's link: beatmapsets/1477506
Genre: Video Game OST
Any additional info: I'm still new to modding, so be advised.
Map that you will mod (M4M): beatmapsets/1449942
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Eh... closed.
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