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wow katou
I'm genuinely confused by your post
i recognized kere's ava to be similar to that one pic katou asked me to collab on but i turned them down :pensivw:

ot: will u update the fortnite soon
only missing Rebmare's decision, so 99.9% will update it tomorrow when I wake up (in around 10h)

OT: one rich boy ;)

Husa wrote:

wow katou
he came at me tho >>

OT: I don't know you. monkaS
i can still remember the bulbasaur profile picture like you just changed your profile pic a few seconds ago
Same here. I think keremal's fushigidane is a stamp of his avatar pictures.

OT: I dunno about them, they seem chill at least. Probably could pester them in PMs, if they mind of course.
how many collabs in total have u been in now i wonder monkaW
Never understand collab
Used to be taiko BN

ot: what happened to sig
Is a winner.
pretty decent person, i'd say.

i've seen them get a little passive aggressive though in some small arguments had around here in the past.

that part's... not so great. we shouldn't be biting back, kinda just makes you look a bit shittier.

for future notice, should anything happen again.

reference: &

otherwise, i think you've been quite nice :D

i guess it just varies from person to person, it'll be friendly banter one time, some sarcasm the next, and completely amicable the moment later.

edit v1004: realized i addressed it already, but i can't help but think about that one time. sorry, nnghh.
One time and I only reflected Katou's post, it was a rude, aggressive post, so my reflection was precisely that as well. (The first post you linked was just me and AHH joking around, he's a friend of mine.)

Since you apparently still care about it, I'll let you know the conclusion to it. Katou sent me a private message and apologized. I said all is well in response and that's the end of the story, been friendly to each other before and after and already joked about it (but that could have been interpreted as hostile sarcasm by an outsider, just like you misunderstood that exchange between me and AHH. Sarcasm in itself is totally fine, it's a form of humour, but it depends on how and who you use it with).

You probably didn't read my other post, as I had already replied and explained it to you back then in the thread shortly after. Basically, I explained that I never thought that he was actually trying to insult me, I was quite sure that he was trying to make a joke but failed at it and I also explained why I decided to directly reflect the aggressiveness. Quoted from my old post: "Could have written it more nicely, I agree, but I also felt if he gets burned a little in response to his negative behaviour, he might learn from it better."

Hopefully this helps you and you can get it out of your mind now. It's been almost 3 weeks since, I'm surprised it has still been on anyones mind at all, let alone that it still bothered someone.

Achro, if you ever see me use sarcasm (or banter) with anyone on FG, it's probably because I know them well enough to make jokes and have confidence it won't offend them, I wouldn't use sarcasm with people that wouldn't understand it.

Cares about people behaving well and has a troubled mind because of it.

i've just been hoping that doesn't resurface. it's likely it won't, just not a fan of conflict in a place specifically meant for people to relax and enjoy themselves.


i am death and i support this message
Nate Bait
your favourite local skeleton that makes (unironically) epic music as well

10/10 jingle bells 🔔🔔🔔
- Silvin -
a player
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