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Boi ty :3

OT: smecky avatar. Also nice personality too

Achromalia wrote:

whoah, shit.

guys, can we not be all aggressive?

hitting back isn't going to do shit, just quietly refute someone's claims or move on.

can we not ;w;

- - -

also, more directly -- thanky. my laptop's done for, as far as i know. we can't really afford to repair or get another laptop. i'm using a desktop instead.

sadly, i couldn't transfer the data to the desktop, so i've lost all the digital art and music projects i've had, as well as the funny shit i had saved from conversations around discord. kinda sucks ass, but at this point, i might as well move on.
Can't you open up the laptop and take out its harddrive? I'm not sure what is broken exactly, but as long as the harddrive isn't damaged, you might still be able to access it, and even then, I've heard and read of methods to restore damaged harddrives to access their files, you might still have some hope.

The other thing, you're correct that hitting back is pointless, but your suggestion to quietly refute isn't a good one either, you'd have to write explanations like this that will only lead to giving people more invitations to give you shit for no good reason, not everyone follows logic. I'd personally consider the most mature and intelligent option, which is also your 2nd suggestion, to just let it pass by and not respond to stabs like that at all, whatever a stranger thinks has no impact on me after all. In that moment I simply felt like going with a less mature choice, so I just reflected him and wrote down hard facts of what he just did. Could have written it more nicely, I agree, but I also felt if he gets burned a little in response to his negative behaviour, he might learn from it better.

(Tbh, I personally don't even believe that he tried to be mean, I think he just tried to be funny without realizing that he was being mean.)

OT: response, I would like to try writing a new story with you in the "make a story" thread, I did actually try to write and contribute to it properly to enable a proper story, but there were always posts that completely broke it back to shitposting levels. I sometimes tried to force certain words or phrases via grammar, but people simply ignored that and wrote gramatically wrong words anyways. Your posts were always fun though.
hehehe good taste in avatars lmao

Kyomaku wrote:

(Tbh, I personally don't even believe that he tried to be mean, I think he just tried to be funny without realizing that he was being mean.)
Ye, I doubt that anyone on FG would act like an asshole tbh. I got the same kind of post before on FG and I figured it out that maybe he was trying to be funny so I would just ignore and move on.

OT: Ye I really enjoy that thread too. Though I kinda enjoy the shitpost that go along with it too since it kinda is the purpose of the thread. I’ve also thought restarting the story several time already since it was too long. Anyway, would like to write a new story with you and others so ye

ninja’d. Yes it took me that long to write a response lmao

OT: lately have been contributing to FG a lot
My boy got ninjaed.

My favourite part of the story was honestly this, let me quote:

"The fire burned. It burned, yet still the hunter couldn't find the POWER that @realDonaldTrump used to burn himself, instead he sued xXxMagicalDefensePowderOfTheBestFurryEver6969CookieziPeppyOsuLuqantedxXxXxXX for illegal spam in FG"

I was really trying to start something here and enable the setting of a solid atmosphere, but I did laugh a lot from what happened with it. It started with us writing "the fire burned" and when I wrote "It", I thought this would be a great start to start a good sentence, but you made "it burned" with it, and it just cracked me up so hard. I felt baited to go for a third repetion of saying that the fire is burning, but decided to write "the" instead of "it" after the "still", if I had made it "yet still it*", then I feel you would have written "burned" another time lol.
Thx to u I just laughed at my own joke
That whole story is a mess, the shitposts add value to it, but when someone adds a word that doesn't make the sentence grammatically correct, it loses value
Agree but hey, it wouldn’t be a contributing-type thread without those
Nice collab
He appears in Achro's userpage.

He seems like a great ot denzien
Don't know them, but they seem to like k-pop

Rebmare wrote:

Don't know them, but they seem to like k-pop
lol I like Chinese & Japanese more

ot : my testplayer husa
They like/d Bulbasaur
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