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I envy people who can make stuff like this so much D: good job!
this is very great !

it works

i rate

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omg, this looks cool >_>
[Kanzaki Ranko]
For now I haven't tested the app because I don't have an Android phone anymore.
But I could help with Brazilian Portuguese translation; with the language files and screenshots of where the text is (to ensure a good translation, I need to know the context each string is in)
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Hello there,

thanks for all of your comments and of course the positive reactions~
1.1.2 will be released within the next days, it will consist of a few more languages, lots of performance improvements and some other cool stuff like a update notification inside the status bar, there is also a downloader included, the update is downloading and installing itself with only one click of a button. Of course you won't see it until the update after that, haha.
The next "bigger" content update will be 1.1.3, it will include osu!tp support, it shouldn't take too long after the release of 1.1.2.
I need to adjust a few things to implement it correctly, if nothing goes wrong, that is.

Thats all, just a few news.
Ohh, nice app. I can help you with the Finnish translations, mate. ;)
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Hello again,

with that I want to annouce that 1.1.2 got released. I'll just list everything noticeable, nobody cares for long posts:

New languages!
Norwegian (petterroea)
Simplified Chinese (Oinari-sama)
Traditional Chinese (Oinari-sama)
Japanese (givenameplz)

Thanks for your support and your help translating osu!Rank, I really appreciate it.
Contact menu entry!
Within the menu is now a "Contact" field, where you can see the names of everyone supporting osu!Rank and of course my contact info.
There is also a link to this forum post.
This section is not quite finished, there will be lots of changes to it.
Reworked AutoUpdate!
The system behind the AutoUpdate for completly reworked, I hope everything works out fine, I spend a few days testing it without trouble, please tell me if anything is odd.
If there is an update, you will now also be noticed inside the notification bar, so you don't need to frequently open the app itself.
To keep it short, thats everything noticeable, as always, everything is inside the Changelog, see first post.
For the future, as already said, I plan to implement osu!tp within update 1.1.3, I couldn't fit it inside this update yet, as I still need to adjust a few things.
Anyways, thanks for using and supporting osu!Rank.

So far~
Needs to be more #HOLOYOLO :3

Anyways, I can translate to Polish.
If only my phone was android…
Project Railgun
It works great on my HTC One! :)
Amazing work! Thank you very much! (:
Amazing ^^ Really helpful and fun to play around. Well done on creating this and keep up the great work ;)
I can translate to Dutch, but I have to get a list with all text that needs to be translated
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Hello, its me again.

I am almost done with everything for the next release, I just got a few problems I want to address first, for that I could use a few peoples help.
So if there are any people out there that want to:
  1. Edit3: *This part is done!* Help test the new osu!tp feature.
  2. or
  3. Edit1: *This part is done!* Help test some important features. (Any Android Version should do, but I'd love to have someone using 4.0.3/4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich [SDK 15])

Just PM me and I'll tell you how you can help.
Thanks in advance guys.

Edit1: Edit3: *This part is done!* I just noticed some strange behaivor on the lastest Version 1.1.2 for users with the version 2.0.3 Gingerbread [SDK 10].
If you are using this version, please consult me if possible. I have a few questions.

Edit3: Everything done! I'll box this, because its not important anymore~

Edit2: Due to a mistake I made with Version 1.1.2 some users may get a ForceClose on osu!Rank when the new update is released.
But don't worry, you will be able to update just fine, only the Notification outside of osu!Rank won't work. So if you get a ForceClose without running osu!Rank, that means there is an update... yea, this is ofc fixed within the next version. There won't be any damage due to this, so don't worry. (This applies most likely for 3.2 Honeycomb [SDK 13] and 4.0.3/4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich [SDK 15])
I can translate this in italian, if you want
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Content update: osu!tp support!

So, lets see, I just finished up the last things for 1.1.3. I am sorry it took longer than expected, but I wanted to test the features throughly.
As mentioned earlier some of you might encounterd a ForceClose on osu!Rank when the new update rolled out, this is a mistake I made with the notification.
If you are wondering, you are able to update just fine, its only the notification I included with 1.1.2. (Only for a few certain Android versions)
I will just start by listing the bigger and interesting things:

New languages!
Portuguese (PT) (Credit to Maav)
Polish (PL) (Credit to Maxorq)
Finnish (FI) (Credit to Cassu2)
Thai (TH) (Credit to NeVe12p4wNeD)

As always, good job guys! There will be even more languages included inside the next release.
Some are somewhat ready to be included, but I have some issues with a few strings, so I need to fix them up a little.
Sorry about that, but in the next update for sure.
osu!tp support!
As some folks were interested in this, I gave it a try and experimented with it.
If you have no idea what osu!tp is, just check the site and look around a little:
Special thanks to Pancake at this point, who provided me with data and information.
There is also a special background included for the Icon-Widget.

The way osu!tp is included is not considered final, there are still some things I need to work on.
As I had a few issues with the implementation and the amount of data thats somewhat important, I had to make a few cutbacks.
You will notice that I used icons instead of strings for osu!tp, I will explain their meaning:

-> Accuracy rating.
-> Speed rating.
-> Aim rating.

For further information about osu!tp, check the site, there is a nice documentation about it there.
A dice?
Oh well, sorry about that, in my search for icons this somewhat got out of hand and I included some kind of random function.
With that you can check out other user profiles at random, if you wish to do so.
Gingerbread users rejoice!
Sorry I only noticed now. If you used 2.2.3 Gingerbread [SDK 10] up until now you had a bad time using osu!Rank.
I completly reworked the interface for users of that version, please give me a try and forgive me~
The future...
The next update might take a while, I want to rework the interface again, making it look better and easier to handle.
I will also include more information and better versioning for all of the different Android versions.
Other than that some more work on the osu!tp part and much more...
If you have some special things that you want to have included, now is the time to ask.

Update with new fancy stuff.
I messed around a bit, and got this design, do you think it's at least a bit better?
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I just wanted to drop a post here, saying that I am back and will continue development again, starting today.

You might noticed that the Images & Download links are down, this will be fixed soon, my server hosting it crashed, its a mess!
Bot no worries, as said, they'll be back.

Also thanks again to all translators helping out translating osu!Rank.

And also big thanks to Maxorq for your great layout inspiration, I will adapt to this within this or the next update.
I'll also think about an option for the user to select the layout of his choice, with one or two maybe three different layouts, but we'll see.

Anyways, for those who might care, I update the main post rather frequently about what I work at right now inside the "Update-o-meter" section. (Name is not final yet)
Bug report
First sorry for my poor english.
Some pure-numerical ids cannot be searched correctly and the widget shows "No such user."
E.g.My classmate 306067466
if my post is duplicate, delete it.
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GOGOsu500604 wrote:

Bug report
First sorry for my poor english.
Some pure-numerical ids cannot be searched correctly and the widget shows "No such user."
E.g.My classmate 306067466
if my post is duplicate, delete it.
Thanks for your report!
This is a problem within the API of osu!, its already been reported there, it should work if you use his ID instead until then:

After you searched for his ID once, osu!Rank will remember his name and connect it with the ID.
I will think of a workaround if this API based bug stays like this.
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