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power007 wrote:

We need not an "osu!rank" for andorid. We need actually osu! game. Osu!droid - sucks :(
I am sorry to hear this, but I am afraid I can't do anything about the "osu!droid" project, as I am no part of this project.
Please remember that the developer of the "osu!droid" application is doing this for free and is spending his own free time on this.

Oinari-sama wrote:

I noticed that the search history from 1.0.8 was lost when I updated to 1.0.9. Any new searches performed on 1.0.9 are saved correctly so that's not an issue, just thought I'll mention it here anyway in case someone comes screaming "search history doesn't work!"
Urk, sorry! I forgot to mention that I changed a lot regarding the Configs/Settings/Preferences, whatever you might want to call them, so they might get lost if you update. I could've merged them with the new system, but I simply didn't. If I do future changes to those system, the Search History won't be lost.

Oinari-sama wrote:

1x1 Avatar Texts
Personally I find the Rank text kind of "offending" right in the middle of the user Avatar. I can think of 2 alternatives to this:
Haha, "offending" might be the right word for this, I think I can manage something else, I won't use the toggle function you mentioned, I am no fan of this. Hehe.

Oinari-sama wrote:

Widget Dimensions
If the name gets too long you can simply consider ditching the word Avatar/Icon/Panel/Wide Panel and replace with dimensions only.
On several phones, there is already a line, saying how much place is taken by the Widget, so I thought this might be unnecessary.
I don't like the Idea of the "ditching the names", because the Widgets are somewhat different and I think those names describe them best.
I'll think about this.

Oinari-sama wrote:


How are the translations handled at the moment? Does the user have to download a separate app? There should be a menu item to change language settings in the future. (btw I'm not following what's going on with the translation project, so dw if the translated version is not yet released)
Oh well, why not. For now this was only decided by the language set on the phone, as we have a new fancy Settings menu, I'll implement this, Force English will be obsolete then I guess. Haha.

Oinari-sama wrote:

Spam Protection
There should be a mention about the Spam Protection somewhere in the main GUI. Maybe add an "What is Spam Protection" link into the menu, it'll need to explain the duration of the spam protection, how often this app refreshes the cache on server and don't ask how a user can change this frequency etc.

On the same issue, I always find the wait after I change a user/add a new widget is a bit long to be honest. Sometimes I don't know if the widgets are being refreshed or not so I touch them again, of course followed immediately by the Spam Protection message. You might want to consider temporarily lift this spam protection when a user display is changed from the main GUI. Alternatively there can be a text display eg "Refreshing" displayed on all widgets as soon as the refresh starts, so the user knows that the app is doing something and will refrain from clicking again (and trigger the spam protection).
There will be lots of changes to this within the next update, I will consider most of your points there. Its hard to find a good balance for this, but I got a few ideas the might work for this.

As always, thanks for the feedback & ideas, I will consider them and try to improve the application further.
If there are any other things that look odd or seem to not work correctly on other phones, please feel free to consult me.
The new changes look awesome. Good work!! Let's see if I can finish instaling Live-Android, so I can give this a try.
Nice, you should add QR code to download :)

API changes
Lets see.
As some of you migh have noticed, osu!Rank wasn't able to update. This was due to the recent changes in the osu! API I was using, 1.1.0 will fix this again.
There are a lot of changes inside 1.1.0, as everytime, they are listed inside the Changelog.
Biggest difference is that I completly removed the SpamProtection, I now handle possible spam otherwise.
You might find other small changes because of that, such as automaticly updating Widgets after you configured them inside the application.
But also some possible downsides, clicking on a Widget now only updates one at a time, but due to the new system this won't bother much.
(You will most likely use the click event only to clear the "Rank up/down" notifictation.)
On a sidenote, the Widgets still update every hour.
Due to Oinari-samas idea, I included a language selection, this makes "ForceEnglish" obsolete, thus I removed it.
Again big thanks to S v p e r for his spanish translation and jyvii for the french one.
You are doing a great job there, if anyone out there cares to translate another language for osu!Rank, feel free to contact me.
There were a few updates in all languages and also a few new things to translate.
Widget design
As I said when I released the panel-like Widgets, they are still considered Work-in-progress, I changed the layout a little and also included colored rank changes for all Widgets. (Excluding Icon-Widget for now)
But see for yourself:
Stuff behind the scenes
Like everytime I changed a lot "behind the scenes", most of you won't care I guess, so check the Changelog if you want to read whats been changed.
"Oi! What about the outdated Screenshots on the main post? Update them already!"
What, are you my mom now? Tsk, fine... I will do so later.

P.S.: Also thanks to nanashiRei for the idea to include QR code!
I was excited to see my xp bar "fixed" itself, till I flipped the page.

I previously thought that the xp bars were "bent" at "random" places, however that doesn't seem like the case now. Look at this photoshop below, the "bent" occurs only at the last 30 pixels each. If a player doesn't have enough xp the "bent" will not happen. I drew a red bar below the 1st player's "bent" and copy-pasted it to the other 3 for comparison. It's easy to see what I've just described:

I don't know if that helps you find the bug but at least it's a clue. I should've really noticed it earlier...

Apart from that, 1.1.0 looks great! I personally enjoy clicking on every avatar/panels to update them. They're a lot more responsive now.

EDIT: For the translation project, have you considered adding all translatable parts into an online spreadsheet (eg Google Doc) for collab? It may be easier to track changes as you push out new stuff to be translated and it will make it easier for people to participate.

See the osu! localisation project v2 thread, peppy included such a spread sheet in the OP and I think that is a great idea.

Oinari-sama wrote:

I was excited to see my xp bar "fixed" itself, till I flipped the page.
I still couldn't reproduce the problem, but I am sure the XP-Bar problem you are having will be fixed within the next update.

Oinari-sama wrote:

I personally enjoy clicking on every avatar/panels to update them. They're a lot more responsive now.
I am glad you like it, I am constantly working on improving the performance, most of the times unnoticed by the user, as they are pretty much done in the background.

Oinari-sama wrote:

EDIT: For the translation project, have you considered adding all translatable parts into an online spreadsheet (eg Google Doc) for collab?
I am working on something like this at the very moment, but it won't be finished anytime soon, as my priorities are other things right now, perhaps if there were more translators to coordinate. If thats becoming the case I might consider this, as its easier than developing my own interface ofcourse. But it sure would be easier for "open" translations by the community, I see that. Oh well~

The next update will contain lots of background changes, some rather small, others with a greater impact on performance and behavior. I am afraid it might takes some time to be finished, as there are lots of things I want to address with 1.1.1. I am also considering a layout change of the application itself.

Well, just a short heads up about everything, thanks for the Feedback and Support.
1.1.1 got an earlier release than I wanted it to, as I had to change something about the API itself.

peppy wrote:

[peppy] Diasallow calling API endpoints with extension.
Due to this, you weren't able to update, as I was calling the API with an extension, obviously. ~
The next update will again have more features than fixes. (I hope)
As said, there aren't much changes you will notice, besides the recent Events that are now shown only when using search inside the application itself.

All changes are inside the changelog, like everytime.
I can translate to Norwegian if i get a list of all the strings to translate
Please, please, pretty please, osu!tp support would be great ):
One thing, this works in every OS version?

AkagamiNamikaze wrote:

Please, please, pretty please, osu!tp support would be great ):
One thing, this works in every OS version?
Everything above 2.2.x should be fine. (There might be small differences, thought)

About osu!tp well, I'll take a look at it and might add an option (Widget wide or Application wide) for that, as it seems that there are some people interested in that, but no promises. Hehe.
I can translate to Russian/Ukrainian if you need.
I envy people who can make stuff like this so much D: good job!
this is very great !

it works

i rate

102841908390481093481084102398410284 stars
omg, this looks cool >_>
For now I haven't tested the app because I don't have an Android phone anymore.
But I could help with Brazilian Portuguese translation; with the language files and screenshots of where the text is (to ensure a good translation, I need to know the context each string is in)
Hello there,

thanks for all of your comments and of course the positive reactions~
1.1.2 will be released within the next days, it will consist of a few more languages, lots of performance improvements and some other cool stuff like a update notification inside the status bar, there is also a downloader included, the update is downloading and installing itself with only one click of a button. Of course you won't see it until the update after that, haha.
The next "bigger" content update will be 1.1.3, it will include osu!tp support, it shouldn't take too long after the release of 1.1.2.
I need to adjust a few things to implement it correctly, if nothing goes wrong, that is.

Thats all, just a few news.
Ohh, nice app. I can help you with the Finnish translations, mate. ;)
Hello again,

with that I want to annouce that 1.1.2 got released. I'll just list everything noticeable, nobody cares for long posts:

New languages!
Norwegian (petterroea)
Simplified Chinese (Oinari-sama)
Traditional Chinese (Oinari-sama)
Japanese (givenameplz)

Thanks for your support and your help translating osu!Rank, I really appreciate it.
Contact menu entry!
Within the menu is now a "Contact" field, where you can see the names of everyone supporting osu!Rank and of course my contact info.
There is also a link to this forum post.
This section is not quite finished, there will be lots of changes to it.
Reworked AutoUpdate!
The system behind the AutoUpdate for completly reworked, I hope everything works out fine, I spend a few days testing it without trouble, please tell me if anything is odd.
If there is an update, you will now also be noticed inside the notification bar, so you don't need to frequently open the app itself.
To keep it short, thats everything noticeable, as always, everything is inside the Changelog, see first post.
For the future, as already said, I plan to implement osu!tp within update 1.1.3, I couldn't fit it inside this update yet, as I still need to adjust a few things.
Anyways, thanks for using and supporting osu!Rank.

So far~
Needs to be more #HOLOYOLO :3

Anyways, I can translate to Polish.
If only my phone was android…
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