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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
As some of you guys already know that there's always a thread with beatmap requests from the newbie at a certain subforums. Since the newbie is a newly registered users which is below than 50 posts, how about restricting/disallowing them posting a new topic? After the newbies gets more than 50 posts, they can post a new topic but with a reminder before proceeding to make one.


If it's inacceptable, another way is, make an introduction of each section/subforums about it with a large font.
This might be a good idea, but I think 50 post's is a bit steep. Maybe lower it to 10-15 posts? Otherwise they will just spam other sections of the forum in order to gain enough posts, to post a request (which they will do, because no-one ever reads any sticky's). But it should ward off most users. =p
Some kind of notification "first visit? Read this topic to get known to rules in this subforum!" at the top of each forum/subforum would do it.
//'this topic' should link to a Rules or Explanation-topic of that subforum

The restriction of creating topics is a nice idea to prevent request flooding, but it should be disabled for the Technical Support-forums (bug reports and stuff often are made by people with less than 50 posts).
I think a notification is enought since 50 post is so much imo like teara say they gonna spam other threads to get the post fast ^^ xD
if you want them to post 50 times first we're only gonna see tons of necro's all over the place so people get their 50 postcount *cough*nikura*cough*
Better a way to report such topics so it can be dealt with, also usefull for other cases.
I'm thinking of here:
.png in the start of the thread in this field add "report topic" and moderators will get noticed. Same way as it is in-game.

Pretty long conversation about minimum post count here already, if you have anything new to add that hasn't been mentioned feel free to bump that topic instead.

I don't believe that any more notifications would really change the situation as there are already several examples of this (e.g t/132119) and if people don't read 1 they wont read any of them. Feel free to make another request if you think of a different way to handle it though.
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