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i was just wondering. does anyone ever experience lag spikes sometimes when combobursts haven't been loaded for quite a while? it might just be my shit computer, but sometimes when i play and comboburst pops up, i lagg-

also only 4 combobursts work, the rest wont show :S
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I've never had any issues loading any of them. I keep them all in mine here to make sure they all work right. I did specifically say in the OP I encourage people to remove some though.
I have all the comboburst available and they show up and no lag either on my side.
I also added Meiling on my mine, although I only got it from the wiki and it's kind of blurry, can I request a better version too Cyclone?
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I can't seem to find anything better than a 300x300 picture, though i did the best i could with it.
Thanks Cyclone. ^^
I really like how this map looks so far. although maybe you could add a spinner approach circle to make it look more awesome. Please add some pics for ranks as well as for when you hit the notes. And since you added special menu buttons for mods and random and ect. maybe you can icons for the individual mods. The the slider ball looks a little wierd spinning that fast, I've never played the game so idk if that's relative to it.
I made a higher quality version of that China comboburst.

What else do you plan to skin for this, if anything? It's a very nice skin.
This skin is the epitome of epic Touhoudry. That's a word, I just made it up now.

Though I must ask, Cyclone, where did you get the combobursts from?
someone posted this on my topic. i dont know if its correct or not.

tfxllvna wrote:

(Conversely, This sentence will be seen strange English English is poor. >:( )
Because Japanese used for the menu etc. is a little unnatural, I proposes to change it as follows.

-Quit and Return to Title
current ”やめて、選択るために戻ってください"
amended ”タイトルに戻る"
-Return to Game
current "戻り、ゲームに"
amended "ゲームに戻る"
-Retry this Game
current "リトライこのゲーム"
amended "ゲームをリトライ"
current "向こうへの ゲーム、"
amended "ゲーム オーバー"

(Is the character correctly displayed?)
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If i can get confirmation on that, i'll make the necessary arrangements to have them changed.

And as far as my progress on this skin, it came to a halt when my computer went out. It'll still be some time before i can get a new one too.
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Not at all, much appreciated. 1 question though. Are the 12.3 pictures for china any different than the IaMP pictures? If so could you make one for that too?
Oh yeah, they did give her a new "default" portrait. Here you go!
Do you think this color is more visible on spinners?

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oh, do you think you can recolor the cursor trail while you're at it? I'll try it out a bit if i can get that. Much appreciated.
Sure thing.

Hopefully I got it right by now without any spots and stuff.

only add that to the skin so you can choose yourself what cursor you want. the blue is way to awesome :3
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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I made a "better" Okuu comboburst. The one posted by Soaprman is cut off on the right side, and looks kinda bad during play. This one fades to transparent and looks better in osu!

The Sanae one MIGHT be a problem too, but I haven't personally tested it.

I actually made 10 UNL style combobursts and uploaded them here if you or anyone else cares. Most of them are just alternates of characters already included, but it does have Sanae, Suwako, and Okuu.
Bumping skin thread.
Also, mod icons:

Easy - Cirno
No Fail - Mokou
Half Time - Sakuya
Hard Rock - Remilia
Sudden Death - Yuyuko
Double Time - Youmu
Auto - ?
Auto Pilot - Reimu
Relax - Suika
No Video - Aya
Spun Out - Chen/Hina

Blanks are because I forgot what Cyc said on irc. :o
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