Citrus feat. Akiyama Mio - K-ON!! Non-Stop Mix (99% Mio ver.

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Non-stop CXu~ gogo ! /o/☆
The objectively best song in osu!.

Good luck with getting this approved CXu.
I wish I could help you out, really, I do, especially as you have worked quite a while with it.
But my computer can't handle a song this long, can you cut out the parts I should time? Adjusting the offset should not really be that hard if you just cut it at, for example 20 minutes to 23 minutes.
Sorry but well, it takes about 2-3 minutes for everything I do, which means it takes a bit too long time. Sorry :(
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Well, I would, but I already have like 2938 red lines there (well not that many but you get the point) and it's kinda lots of work to cut it out and stuff xD
Well yeah I'm just lazy, but it's fine, thanks for trying at least!

CXu wrote:

I'm just lazy
Don't be lazy

god I love myself
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Oh okay editing desc. doesnt reset grave timer. Noted.
With the storyboard add the name song please
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I need to wait until I've gotten the timing right before I can start working on the SB, or else I'd need to fix a lot of stuff afterwards :p
it is so long the song time!
Random timing check.

20:43:062 - unneeded, works with the previous one and with this the end comes a bit late.
22:19:137 -
22:21:390 - This and the previous one is deletable and you need to use 213 from 22:16:943
22:23:632 - delete this one too.
22:35:354 - Not necessary.
22:43:040 - ^

I will check it once again later on if you applied these.
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IMHO the biggest challenge is that a lot of songs have changed(or even fluctuating during the song itself) BPM to make a smooth transition, which screws me up as I know all of the songs and I instinctively think about them in their original BPMs.
Rip. Never forget.
Dude I love you so much thanks for this masterpiece <3
Scarlet Evans
I love this! <3
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