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someone said that thing long time ago...

no need to bring it back since i'm working on NOA
Your skin is so beautiful :D
Whoa, dat circles... in HD! Loving this skin.
this skin is very cool if you changed the fruit ryuuta character and comboburst pic :)
Just a reccomendation :D

sorry newbie
Just passing by for another freebie... that is, a wallpaper, to welcome a new family member Souji N. Katayama...
resolution is at 1920x1080

12th of October, 2013 (UTC+8)
(redownload skin if you downloaded on/or before change...)

:arrow: added the missing elements (spinner-warning.png and fruit-bananas.png)
:arrow: Version: 1 for skin.ini added
:arrow: updated screenshots
:arrow: updated DL links
awesommmmmmmmmmmmme :):):)
On Taiko,can you add the "pippidon.png"s?
Looks quite similar to Nexus Slate and Ivory. (hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

MarioBound wrote:

Looks quite similar to Nexus Slate and Ivory. (hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)


quickfix incomin'

16th of November, 2013
:arrow: added fruit-ryuuta.png, the last missing element for now
I like your skin, good job! :)
Thanks for sharing ^^
great skin! :) uhm..i think the colors used for the o!m are quite dark..(is it just me?)..it feels heavy..
Nice Skin. :D
The preview pics all ded =w= ..
Love this skin.
I have only changed a few things for making the skin like as I wanted, but then, it was beautiful.
I love this skin! ♥
I love this skin! ♥ Thank you very much <3

OsuMe65 wrote:

It's been months since I released NeOsu 2 (which is... failed orz)... after peppy's Major UI update (which i like the most but it's pain...), I decided to create this one... NeOsu 3 -the 3rd innovation-
NO3 is complete but more branches will come... (NO3 update will be also present, if available)

:arrow: All elements have HD Support
:arrow: Same old styles from the previous NeOsu 2 applied with some twists
:arrow: Fonts are mostly ARS Maquette Pro (i used a little Myriad Pro and Strasua this time)
:arrow: NeO's first appearance (I drew her and thanks to Nijiiru for the colors >w<)
:arrow: New sounds (but the hitsounds will still remain default)
:arrow: NeO's voice added (Momone Momo of UTAU as NeO)
:arrow: Skinned for all modes
:shock: Uses old skin behaviour


25.3 MB

if .osk fails...

25.3 MB

16th of November, 2013
:arrow: added fruit-ryuuta.png, the last missing element for now

12th of October, 2013
:arrow: added the missing elements (spinner-warning.png and fruit-bananas.png)
:arrow: Version: 1 for skin.ini added
:arrow: updated screenshots
:arrow: updated DL links

4th of June, 2013 [REV 02 release]
:arrow: Added the missing files (namely score-4@2x.png and score-7@2x.png)
:arrow: fixed the issue with mania-key1.png and mania-key1@2x.png
:arrow: replaced applause.wav (from Xiao's Nexus applause.wav to a new one... try it... it's awesome if the timing in the ranking screen is right)

17th of May, 2013
:arrow: added one goodie
:arrow: replaced sectionpass.mp3 with a default one and added the default sectionfail.mp3

Pizzicato wrote:

one concern

i'll be having a hard time seeing the color of the next note i'm gonna press :(
NeO-chan desu~ OsuMe-sama just made some alternate taiko hitcircles for everyone who is having a hard time reading notes~ ^^
Daijobu, daijobu... OsuMe-sama made 4 sets of taiko hitcircles and he has also included the default one for you to revert the changes you've made ^^

Ara, ara... press download button below if you want... ^^ (uguu I did look like MLGnom-ojousama... >///<)

0.98 MB

Set 1: The Main Alternate

Set 2: Old Carriage's Wheel

Set 3: Man and Woman

Reader's Set

A... A-ano... Ne-NeO-chan desu... since OsuMe-sama uploaded this skin lately, h-he s-s-said some objectives to me for this skin... >///< He-here are s-s-some of hi-his objectives >///< :
Skin Works/Changes/Fixes/Additionals
I have to make a version of NeOsu for new default skin behaviour [overall]
:arrow:I have to rework the o!m notes and hold bodies [osu!mania]
:arrow:I need to create the fruit catcher [CTB]
:arrow:I have to wait for some good suggestions [web]
:arrow:I have to draw Teruhi [home job]
:arrow:I have to create AlterNeo... again...
:arrow:I have to skin those bananas
Skin Releases/Alternates
:arrow:I need to create moar characters~ orz
:arrow:I need to release AlterNeo ASAP
:arrow:additional main-menu bgs, maybe?


OsuMe-sama, deadbeat-sama... ga-ga-ganbatte kudasai... >///<

Well... I spent almost a week in order to finish this skin including the @2x thingies... 7 hours in Photoshop makes my life good 8-)

I'm kinda used to use peppy/RBRat's move (outerglow + dropshadow) in my test skin and I found out that it is better to use it for skinning the new default...

So yeah, last 15th of May (GMT+8), I celebrated my 2nd year in osu! \:D/ And as always, my back hurts after using the computer... It seems like I lost my sitting posture... orz

I would like to thank Nijiiru for coloring my artwork... :) and to deadbeat for locking some useless threads (inb4 he's faster than Heibel) :D
Looks nice skin :roll:
looding now :D
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