[STD] Scarlet's Touhou Tournament [100k-999k, 2v2] (REGS CLOSED)

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Scarlet's Touhou Tournament

Welcome to Scarlet's Touhou Tournament!

This is ScarletSisters who is host of it. (Some of you guys may know me already XD)

After I played a bunch of tournaments, I think it's time to host my own tournament! XD

I'm so looking foward to meeting you guys in my first-ever tournament. Good luck and have fun!

Tournament Outline

1. This is a 2v2 double-elimination tournament with teams of 2 - 3 players for ranks 100K - 999K (no rank buffer).

1-1. If your rank is higher than 100K when registration ends, you would be disqualified
(If there are only 2 players, the whole team would be disqualified)

2. Most of the maps are gonna be Touhou concepts. (Some maps are not XD)

3. Each match will use ScoreV2 and NoFail mod will be used for every map.E

4. BWS system is gonna be used

BWS formula : rank^(0.9937^(badge number*(badge number+1)/2))

- Only count Osu!Standard tournament badge

5. The brackets will move as follows: Qualifiers, RO64, RO32, RO16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals, Grand Finals

6. Players are required to be in Discord for the duration of the tournament until their team is completely eliminated.

Match Procedures (Qualifiers)

1. In Qualifiers, players participate freely in the lobby created by the organizer and play the prepared mappool in order.

1-1 : The order will move as follows : NM1 - NM2 - NM3 - NM4 - HD1 - HD2 - HR1 - HR2 - DT1 - DT2

2. You can reschedule until Monday 23UTC (If your team don’t reschedule before that, your team will be disqualified)

2-1. If the team's players can’t come in qualifiers lobby, the team can reschedule to another time. (Deadline is same)

3. Players can have 2 minutes break when each map is done (can start quickly if all players in lobby agreed with it)

4. Each map is gonna be played only once

5. If disconnect issues happen within the first quarter of the map, players who had issues can play again when all maps are done. (Restart IS ALLOWED only one map per player.)

6. After all qualifier lobbies are finished, all players who participated will be placed on the leaderboards for each map of the pool and the sum of all placements will determine the final results (from lowest to highest).

6-1. Teams will be sorted by their score at each map and will gain relative score for their spot.

Match Procedures (Bracket Stage)

1. Teams must arrive less than 10 minutes after the start time of the match, otherwise, the late team will forfeit the match.

2. Team mentioned first in the title of the match MUST BE in slots 1-2, with the team colour of red. Team mentioned second in the title of the match MUST BE in slots 3-4, with the team colour of blue.

3. Both teams may choose whether or not to pick a map for a warmup; this map can not exceed 4 minutes in length or be one of the maps in the mappool.

4. Team captains roll for picking order. Winner of the roll gets to choose one of two options (pick first / ban second or pick second / ban first). Depending on what stage the tourney is at, each team will get 1 or 2 bans.

4-1. In 2 bans stage, ban order is gonna be ABAB (first ban for Team A - first ban for Team B - second ban for Team A - second ban for Team B)

5. Each team will be allowed 120 seconds to ban or pick their map. Teams are NOT allowed to ban from the same mod (NM is the exception). For example, Team 1 can't ban both HR1 and HR2 during their banning phase.

5-1. Teams are NOT allowed to pick from the same mod in a row (NM is the exception). For example, Team 1 can't pick HR1 right after picking HR2.

6. A map will be aborted if a player disconnects within the first quarter of the map. If there is a disconnect and the map is not aborted, the score for that player will be counted as 0 UNLESS a score is provided. AN ABORT IS ALLOWED ONCE PER TEAM.

6-1. A player who disconnected must arrive in 10 minutes (If a player doesn’t come back at the moment, player would lose point)

6-2. If a player doesn't come back in 15 minutes, the whole team would FF.

FM rules

1. HD/HR/EZ/FL is available

1-1. 1.8x multiplier for EZ and 0.8x multiplier for NM

2. Need 2 mods on FM per one team (No mods restriction)

3. TB is FreeMod as well, but 1x multiplier for NM

3-1. Don’t have to play with mods on TB (ex. 2 NM or 1 mod and 1 NM is fine)


1. For staff, Only Streamer or Commentator can join this tournament as players.

2. All players and staff should change their nick on discord same with nick on osu.

3. If controversy arises due to hostile attitude during the match or in the discord server, staff may confirm and forfeit them. (Please respect everyone)

3-1. Controversial situations include violating rules on discord (Be careful..)

Tournament Date

May 15 - Regs open
Jun 12 - Regs close / Screening Starts
Jun 19 - Screening Ends
Jun 26 - Qualifiers
Jul 3 - Round of 64
Jul 10 - Round of 32
Jul 17 - Round of 16
Jul 24 - Quarterfinals
Jul 31 - Semifinals
Aug 7 - Finals
Aug 14 - Grand Finals


1st place : Profile Banner + Winner Role in Discord

2nd place : Profile Banner + 2nd place Role in Discord

3rd place : Profile Banner + 3rd place Role in Discord


+ Registration is gonna be closed in 6 days. (I will close at 15UTC on June 12th)
If you don't have a team or register as Free Agent, make sure to get a team or register as Free Agent within it.
South Korea
Very cool!
Joon Yorigami
Scarlet did it.
ayo pog
fumo better ):<
pretty epic
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Currently 33 teams joined, good start XDXD
This looks very cool and I would love to join as 2hu songs are epic but I’m a 830k player lmao so probably not.
put me in
I would like to join but i am alone lol
I'm in tentatively. I'll update when I have a team mate.
Sign me up
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Currently 70 teams registered, gogogo
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