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Alex0686 wrote:

I would prefer that when starting osu! it checks them all for updates, and you can chose to update all, or only ranked/approved(when downloading ranked beatmap packs, sometimes it still need to be updated), only pending/help/graveyard, a list to pick which to excluded(only displayed if you want to exclude certain ones?), and an option to exclude all your own.
I don't start osu! that much (I keep it on), so I think a notification would work better. It'd be checked transparently and I'd be notified on the song selection screen.

Sounds kinda osu!-direct-y.
And I guess it can be set to check every X amount of minutes, to reduce stress on older computers. Or not to check at all, just manually.

And I prefer to be notified with a message at the bottom, or if I go to the main screen it'll say "Update All." Or something similar.

This has been suggested before, but I don't think it was noticed as much.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.

peppy wrote:

Update all will be a subscriber only feature when it is implemented. And yes, I am saving the implementation until after osz2 is complete.
Unlocking and bumping this topic. Is it still assigned, after 3 and a half years?

peppy wrote:

after osz2 is complete
that's for 3 years wwwwww
ah yes. this [assigned] was actually recent :p about 11 days ago :p

deadbeat wrote:

ah yes. this [assigned] was actually recent :p about 11 days ago :p
Does that mean.. .osz2 is near? after years of waiting?
I've been waiting for this since I joined osu but it doesn't look like it'll ever get implemented. It was requested 5 years ago lol. Still giving my support.
Still not implemented? I'm pretty surprised.
- Marco -
peppy plz ;w;
Will probably come with osz v2 someday.

Kitsunemimi wrote:

+ gets rid of any "non-existent" maps.
Really don't like this part tho...
This is like waiting for something interesting to happen in Naruto
Topic Starter
Did somebody just delete my post?
At least let people know before you go removing their posts.

I'm going to try to say this again.
It seems like this feature is a subset of the features that osz2 entails, so would it be okay to archive this thread? There doesn't seem to be any point for this thread to be here because of osz2, and it's taking up space on the board.
Adding my support for an "Update all" button somewhere. There is a refresh all beatmaps and delete all unranked so... would fit nciely
Sometimes the mapper updates all the difficulties besides the one that you currently selected. If you sort by artist, you can easily see that. However if you sort by difficulty like me, odds are you won't see that. Even more annoying, say the mapper added a difficulty. That won't show as an update notifications. I doubt most people would check the beatmap page to find out there is a new difficulty added. I suggest adding "update available" to the beatmapset. For multiplayer it can be optional since you just want to get on with the play and not spend time downloading that difficulty that is not even up.

Possibly even include an extra thread which quickly checks for any beatmaps that may have updates while the player is at the song select or main menu. Then "Update Available" section can be added in the Ranked Status grouping in addition to already existing "Ranked", "Pending", and "Not Submitted". Of coarse then, include an "Update all beatmaps" option in the options menu for those who are not afraid that some modded stuff they did to some beatmap(s) would be overwritten.
I really want this "Update all" button somewhere
I have probably like 95% of all ranked maps or so, and like amost 1700 pending. I'll if update mechanism as "update all
button" will be created to at least know that i have all up to date, unless sorting changed to really precise one so i can see all with pending update as unknown, + all maps with deleted diffs that i can decide if i want to keep it with new diffs or replace entire map

abraker wrote:

Bumpedy Bump.

This would be really cool to have, as we nowadays have more and more pending sets with more and more difficulties on each one. Spamming "Update Beatmap", waiting 5 seconds and doing that all over for x sets gets kind of annoying.
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