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Whenever I go over to a WIP beatmap and see the "Update to the latest version", I think OH JOY. But when I click it, it just kinda fades in and turns into "Latest version but not approved". An sfx would make it more meaningful. Also, when you go down to the other difficulties, you have to constantly click, "Update to the latest version" for each one. What's more is that if one of your difficulties have been renamed, then they don't exist anymore. Another thing with the difficulties is that if there's a new one that you already don't have, then you have to go to the site and re-dl the osz/make the difficulty manually. I say if you find a beatmap that requires updating, osu! checks if you have all the latest difficulties/sound effects/etc, and downloads the things you are missing + gets rid of any "non-existent" maps.
I disagree with the sound, and auto-updating ALL difficulties when hitting the button. A separate button would be desirable for the latter case.

I agree with the other things mentioned.
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