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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
When did 14 become too long for a combo?

Agent Spin Here wrote:

When did 14 become too long for a combo?
Well it's not too long, but all the other combos are around 9-10 beats (if I recall correctly), so...
Few suggestions ^^'

00:08:42 (4) - maybe add finish sound at the begining of the slider?
00:10:11 (3,4) - I think finish sound on 3 and standart on 4
00:22:79 (1,3) - whistle on begining of 1 and wistle on 3?

Wow this is... little harder than your diffs ^^'
00:14:34 (1) - very hard to understand that theres slider x(

Very good map. Star~
Nazi post. These are just suggestions, so you do not have to make these changes

Not Guilty:
00:01:66 (1,2,3) - make the spacing between these consistent
00:24:20 (2,3,4) - " "
00:34:34 (4) - might want to align with 3

00:06:73 (1) - too far
00:31:80 (4) - too far
00:56:31 (2) - realign under 1

Your sixth notes seem to have inconsistent spacing. Since there are very few of them and can go either way, I will let you decide what way to change them if at all

00:03:07 (6) - restack on top of the end of 1
00:05:04 (9) - I don't like how this is a few pixels off from a horizontal reflection of 8
00:09:62 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - make the relative position of each slider from the previous the slider the same
00:33:57 (2) - make this a vertical reflection of 1
00:47:72 (4,5) - make this a vertical reflection of 3
00:52:37 (3) - align with the start of 1
[Not Guilty]

00:19:13 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - Maybe this spacing is hard to read for new players.
00:29:133 - Remove this break.
01:08:42 (1) - Spinner too short. Start here -> 01:08:21 (1) Sounds better.


00:29:133 - Remove this break.
01:08:42 (1) - Start this here -> 01:08:21 (1) Sounds better.

[Special Larto Blend]

00:00:50 (1) - Don't start on blue line!! 1/4 forward.
00:11:73 (8) - Sounds bad x.x
01:08:42 (1) - Start here -> 01:08:21 (1) Sounds better.

[Not guilty]
00:22:79 (1) - Add clap here.
00:36:31 (2) - Add clap on stard and end slider.

Maybe slider Tick Rate - 3? Try it.
00:08:42 (4) - Remove whistle.
00:11:10 (6) - Wtf?
00:24:48 (4) - Clap.
00:32:93 (2) - Clap instead whistle.
00:35:18 (1,2) - Normal hitsounds, maybe?

[Special Larto Blend]
00:31:03 (1) - This note should be here 00:30:98, I think.
00:31:31 (2) - 00:31:24.
00:31:59 (3) - 00:31:56.
00:31:88 (4) - 00:31:82.
A bit delayed, but here's my mod operation!

Not Guilty (Objection!)
[00:07:597] (3, 4) start the 3rd slider with a clap, the 4th with a whistle
[00:10:000] (1) whistle here and around 00:11:00 !
[00:19:025] start every slider of this series with whistles (or finish, of course)
[01:03:840] (1, 2) whistle the 1st beat, finish the 2nd (or vice-versa!)

Guilty (I knew it...)
[00:03:840] (1) start this slider with a whistle or a finish
[00:22:762] try a "rhythm chart" like this on this trichy series:
normal-whistle-whistle, normal-whistle-whistle, normal-whistle-whistle, finish.
[01:03:872] (1) whistle here!

Special Larto Blend (What's this? a surprise witness?)
[00:46:195] (1, 2) try to end these sliders with whistles
[01:00:810] would be better to swich finish sounds with claps or something else for the next orange sliders? Decide, you're the judge...

A GREAT and relaxing beatmap, just like old, reliable bars...
[Not Guilty]
***Clusterfuck of large, small-spaced notes. I guess it's fine, though.
00:12:23 - Pointless mini break, but it's fine if you leave them, I suppose.
00:25:75 - ^
00:29:13 - ^
00:39:27 - ^

***Same thing about breaks.
00:06:17 (2,3,4) - I'd stack them, but it doesn't matter.
00:10:68 (5) - Maybe stick a clap on the end?
00:11:10 (6) - Not sure how this one sounds here.
00:28:42 (2,3,4) - Stack?
00:57:16 (1,2,3) - ^

[Special Larto Blend]
00:39:27 - Break, blah blah, whatever.

</not helpful>

Oh whatever. I love this song. *star*
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
00:47:30 (3,4,5) - unintuitive

Not Guilty:
00:38:00 (1) - Clap at end.
00:22:79 (1) - End on white tick (1/6 Earlier)

00:06:17 (2,3,4) - Fake difficulty
00:17:44 (5,6) - Reverse for consistency

Nice one, have a special Starlight Mocca Latte on the house!
Not Guilty:

First cup of the day, sipped slowly in solitude. Smooth, and relaxing; it calms the soul so the gentle melody can pull it away.


The second cup, drank in public. Alert and vigilant, yet tranquil. Ready to face the day, but not so aggressive as to forget the sound of music.

Special Larto Blend:

Torrential. Unnerving. On edge. Razor focused, but at the cost of tunnel vision. Is it a cup too many? No, it is a cup taken carelessly: a tool, a weapon.

If this is the Aroma of Black Coffee to you, then you have learned nothing.
At first i was kinda uncertain about 1/6 snap divisor, but it seems fine :D

- Not Guilty:
Hitsounds here have higher volume. Please make the same as Guilty ;P

- Guilty:

- Larto's:
Many beats are not snapped to the new offset
01:00:82 (4) - new combo?

Great map and song :)
Not Guilty:
Smooth to play, like the song. However...
0.29: Why the break?
And that's about it.

0.19: This part really isn't clear.
But that's all.

Special Blend:

Is that even possible????

Not Guilty and Guilty I thoroughly enjoyed, though as for Special Blend, it's a little more painful to play than stuffing your hand into a boiling cup of coffee. Can anyone do it?

Star, though.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
-01:03:92 (1,2) - Whistles go here.
-01:05:89 (2) - Whistle goes here.

Fix and I'll rebubble. Seriously, those whistles additions are the only things I feel like I need to address.

Fine, ignore me.
hmmm, Larto's Special Blend is tasty!!

And the other ones are cool too!!!
I like the song, but jeez, so many sliders all coming from the same spot, each of them a dark brown makes it unbelievably difficult for me to understand which way to go. Maybe I'm just not good enough yet
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