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Hey I’m a newbie and I have a question. I see a lot of people here saying that alternating is better than single tapping but I have a hard time doing it. On easier maps I can do it no problem but high 3* and low 4* my mind just blanks out and I do worse. Is there any specific way I can practice alternating or is it something that comes naturally the more I play?
Alternating isnt necessarily better. its better for really high bpm stuff but is harder to learn. singletap is easier to learn and new players will have better acc with singletapping because it requires less finger control and you dont have to break your finger dominance. At the end of the day its mostly preference whichever playstyle you go with, singletappers can and do play high bpm stuff, it only ever really matters at the highest levels of play from what I can tell.

As for getting better at alt, just play more with alt it get easier the more you practice and the better your finger control gets. I think accuracy training is probably the best way to go about it honestly.
you probably would have the same issues you are talking about if you singletapped anyway as 3-4* maps are usually a bit too hard for someone with only 10 hours of playtime.
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Like what the person said above, alternating isn't necessarily better or worse. It all depends on preference. But for me, imo I'd go with alternating as it lessens the stress you put in your finger. I fully alternate and sometimes I do Hybrid, which is the combination of single-tapping and alternating. I suggest practicing tapping with your non-dominant finger, as that's what I did and learned how to fully alt. Practice alternating on slow maps so that you could train your finger control.
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