Discord Rich Presence Not Working With Mac

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I downloaded technocoder mac osu and it said that discord rich presence is already included there. But what appears in discord is wine32on64 -preloader and i can't sharescreen that
What version of macOS do you have and which Wineskin are you using?
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Technocoder wrote:

What version of macOS do you have and which Wineskin are you using?
I am using version 10.15.7 of macos but how do i check what version of wineskin i have?
You can share a report generated from osu!macOS Agent (community/forums/topics/1036678) or you can right click osu! > Get Info and it should be shown next to "Version".
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Version 10.15.7 (Build 19H524)
Engine: WS11WineCX20.0.2
Release: Stable40
Quarantine attribute is absent (bundle)
Quarantine attribute is absent (wrapper)
Execute flag is present
Detect Direct3D is disabled
Compatibility mode is disabled
System Integrity Protection is enabled
Engine version is supported
Razer Synapse is absent
Log file: update.log is absent
No errors in: runtime.log
This one?
Can you please clear Wine from your Game Activity list in your Discord settings? Please note that even if you get Rich Presence working, it's unlikely you would be able to screen-share osu! directly anyway (your best option would be to screen-share your whole screen)
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