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Still don't know what i need write hereLie。 But i update my cursors。

I think you can ask what you can update or what this guy want on this forum。。。 Anyway i do it。

if you don't have a big monitor open in new window


And now you ask whats' new ? Just look here ->

Now you can't see this terrible things, because now it in good quality。 You can free use cursor rotate and nothing can't stop you enjoy the game。

If you want know what i use cursor, then i 'm saying i use special cursor White Wolf from the skin default by Roar 1:1 in good quality。

Download link :

P.S. Sry for my English language he very very bad >~<
Oh and last thing i make a new cursors but i don't know are you need this or no 。。。 Something like this
Please say me are you need my works or i do useless things just for my self ? ._. Comments please。 If you have any suggestions, I'm happy to hear them。 If you want use my cursor(s) in skins, no problem use it free。You can do this my cursors what you want D:
"White wolf cursor pack" i think you should rename it to just cursor pack, or something cause these ain't whitewolf's cursors

They are nice tho
Cool cursors, but not nice to play with it

s1mon wrote:

Cool cursors, but not nice to play with it
It depends. :)

I'm using the yellow one. :)
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Update or something like this.
Queen Chan
awesome tenshi cursor lol
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Queen Chan wrote:

awesome tenshi cursor lol
Tenshi ? What ?

Midana Monami wrote:

Queen Chan wrote:

awesome tenshi cursor lol
Tenshi ? What ?
Cursor (extra).png
r E s P
Awesome cursor this is very pro cursors
i was playing with black one since today, i searched to get back the red i lost ^^"

P.S. i really need to make a signature ._. meh, it's better than nothing ^^"
I Love these! Can I Use Them?
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